Natural Cure For Attention Deficit Disorder

Add cureAttention deficit disorder or hyperkinetic disorder is a most common mental disorder in children who are four years and above in age. If not treated properly in childhood, the symptoms can proceed to adulthood.

When children find it hard to concentrate or focus their attention on the task at hand or are unable to sit still in any one place, showing restlessness and an urge to keep moving or fidgeting; they are said to be suffering from attention deficit syndrome.

The main cause of this hyperactivity and impulsive behavior is an imbalance in the brain chemistry.  This disorder is often manifested by emotional disturbance, anxiety, the inability to learn, defiance of normal routine behavior, speech disabilities and rank disorderliness. These unmanageable and unstable behaviors can affect a child’s life and career drastically.

Their learning and concentration difficulties become a great hindrance to a successful life. They are affected socially as well as at home. Prescribed drugs have woeful side effects and only succeed in aggravating the problem by having an adverse effect on the developing nervous cells.

Tips To Cure Attention Deficit Disorder Naturally


Almond has been used since centuries to nourish the brain and the body. It is known as a memory booster. It is rich in minerals like calcium, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium which are essential for the functions of the brain and nerves. It is a good source of vitamin C and E, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins.

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It builds and rejuvenates the nerves and brain cells. It improves the power to concentrate and brings clarity to thought. Soak ten almonds overnight. In the morning grind them to a fine paste. Mix this paste with a glass of milk, add sugar and give your child everyday on an empty stomach. Massage his/her scalp with almond oil every night. The oil will soothe and calm the brain bringing hyperactivity under control.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract is a wonderful tonic for preserving the vitality of the brain. It stimulates the blood flow to the brain and strengthens the nerves. It has blood cleansing properties which eliminate toxins and protects the brain from harmful free radicals. Its antioxidant properties protect the brain tissues from damage. It brings a stability to an over anxious brain by regulating the neurotransmitters.

Poppy Seeds Or Khas Khas

Khas khas is widely used in various cuisines. It is a natural relaxant. It enhances the function of the nervous system by calming and soothing agitated nerves and curbing hyperactivity.

Ateention deficit disorder

It reduces depression, fatigue and irritability and induces sleep. It nourishes the brain and the body. Soak one teaspoon of poppy seeds at night. In the morning grind them to a fine paste and mix with milk and sugar. Daily intake of this mixture will bring great improvement.

Oat Straw

Oat grass called Avena sativa is very rich in calcium. It is a great tonic full of nutrition. It is very beneficial for exhaustion of mind and body. It reduces muscle spasms, relaxes the nervous system and drives away depression and sharpens clarity. It is an excellent remedy for neurological disorders. Give two cups of oat straw tea to your child daily.

Lemon Balm

Cure attention deficit disorder

Lemon balm is very safe and gentle. It calms, soothes and strengthens the nerves. It alleviates restlessness and promotes sound sleep. Give your child a few fresh lemon balm leaves everyday.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.