Natural cure For alcoholism

Natural Cure for alcoholismAlcoholism is a condition where a person gets physical and mental addiction to alcohol. If you use alcohol for a long time, then it will affect your mental and physical conditions. Even it has got some social implications as well.

It can physically affect our digestive system, nerves and heart. Alcoholism is considered as a disease. People who are actually abuses to alcohol in an excessive amount, for them, it can also negatively impact on their work and social life.

Tips To Cure Alcohol Naturally

Natural treatment for alcohol can generally be used with combination, so that one can easily break the destructive cycle. If the correct format of minerals and herbs are used with proper counseling, then it can create a great effect to the person suffering from this.

Giving Up The Alcohol

First and most important tip is: the person should be able to give up the habit of drinking too much. It is really very true because it is the only method to get a good break of this.


Cure for alcoholism

Eating maximum number of apples at frequent intervals can surely reduce the craving of alcohol. They will also clear the toxins from your body.


This is the fruit which contains a pure format of alcohol. A person who is interested in giving up this bad habit should take a meal of grapes at every four to five hours. This process should be followed for at least one month.

Gourd Leaves

Cure for alcoholism

Having a juice of gourd leaves is the best thing that can help in clearing out all toxins from your body. Take 3tsp of juice and mix one glass of buttermilk to it. This is very good because it will help in healing the liver damage.


Different kind of herbs and kudzu can be the most beneficial thing for reducing the harmful effects produced by consumption of alcohol. It can also reduce the risk of alcoholic craving. Milk thistle is most recommended thing, and its dosage should be around 120 mg two times in a day, so that the harmful effects in the liver can be reduced. If kudzu extracts are taken in a proper amount, then it can also reduce the damages done by alcohol.


High consumption of alcohol can cause blood sugar problems, and it can also decrease the metabolism throughout our liver. People who are heavy drinkers face many problems, and their nutrition gets affected. It can decrease the hunger in them and decline their food intake.

Cure for alcoholism

In such situation most important thing is: diet should be controlled, and one should eliminate simple sugars and saturated fats. They should also increase the intake of different carbohydrates, fatty acids and protein. These foods are very simple, and they can be easily processed.

Reduction Of Stress

Even while treating the alcohol abuse, we should also pay much attention in reducing our stress. A person looking for reducing alcohol should maintain a diary which keeps a track of his mood and its reactions. Different techniques should be targeted in such a way that it can prevent excessive consumption of alcohol.

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