11 Effective Juice Recipes To Boost Your Immune System

Juice Recipes To Boost Your Immune System

Our immune system protects us from infections caused by microorganisms like bacteria and virus. A strong immunity is very important for improving health and preventing diseases like cold and flu. A healthy immune system helps in preventing and recovering from injuries faster. It helps in fighting bacteria and viruses that cause fever. The type of diet we take determines our health. Juices extracted from fruits and vegetables help in making us healthy and strong. It is a natural remedy for health problems. Juice also helps in improving the health of our immune system. Taking such juices will prevent infectious diseases. We will tell you about some easy juice recipes for this purpose.

Following Are The 11 Effective Juice Recipes To Boost Your Immune System:

Orange And Lemon Juice

You can improve the immunity by drinking orange juice. Blend oranges, lemon and ginger along with water and some healthy spices like turmeric, cinnamon and cloves. Blend and add honey and cayenne pepper for taste. Serve the juice.

Orange and Lemon Juice

Orange And Carrot Juice

Grind unpeeled carrots with ginger, peeled lemon slices, water and orange in a food processor till all the ingredients are well blended. Serve the smoothie. Carrot contains Vitamin A while orange contains Vitamin C. This smoothie will boost your immunity.

Orange and Carrot Juice

Apple And Beet Juice

Blend in a food processor apple, lemon juice and orange with water and some healthy veggies like beetroot and carrots. Blend the fruits and vegetables. Serve the juice. This is an excellent juice for making the immune system healthy.

Apple and Beet Juice

Blueberry And Carrot Smoothie

Blueberry and blackcurrants smoothie helps in boosting the immunity. Blend these two ingredients along with carrot, apple and garlic. To this, you should add water, ginger and kale leaves. Blend all things in a juicer. Drink the smoothie.

Blueberry and Carrot Smoothie

Apple And Grapes Juice

Grind apple, orange and pear in a food processor along with some other healthy fruits and vegetables like grapes and sweet potato. Blend well. Add sugar to the juice. Add turmeric powder for imparting antiseptic properties to it. Serve the juice.

Apple and Grapes Juice

Orange And Spinach Juice

Put in the mixer jar of a food processor orange, water, slices of lime and little amount of lemon juice. Add spinach leaves and parsley to it. Grind the ingredients till well blended. The spinach and parsley help in treating inflammation and improving immunity.

Orange and Spinach Juice

Carrot Cranberry Juice

Blend carrots along with cranberry in a food processor and serve. Both ingredients help in improving the immunity. The mixed juice is rich in nutrients like potassium, vitamins, antioxidants and Iron.

Carrot Cranberry Juice

Apple And Kale Juice

Grind in a food processor apples and kale leaves along with some other ingredients like lemon juice, parsley and chopped cucumber pieces. Blend all ingredients well. Drink the juice. It will improve your immunity and protect you from diseases.

Apple and Kale Juice

Carrot And Strawberry Juice

Blend in a juicer carrots along with some healthy fruits like apple and strawberry. Blend and serve the juice. Carrots have Vitamin A while strawberry is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Apple has lot of Iron. Thus, this juice is nutrient rich and improves the immunity.

Carrot and Strawberry Juice

Apple And Spinach Juice

Extract juice of apple and carrot in a food processor. Add water, ginger and green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale. Blend again. Serve the juice. The juice extracted from fruits and leafy greens will make the immune system healthy and strong.

Apple and Spinach Juice

Ginger, Garlic And Apple Juice

The juice of ginger and garlic helps in improving the immunity and preventing many diseases. Blend ginger and garlic with water and apples. The juice is very healthy with many benefits. Drinking this juice will clear the blocked sinuses.

Ginger, Garlic and Apple Juice

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