How To Use Holy Basil For Herpes

Holy Basil Tulsi For Herpes

Herpes is a disease in which sores and blisters form on the skin surface. The problem is caused by a viral infection. Pus-filled blisters and lesions can appear on lips, rectum and waist or any other body part. It is important to take treatment for this condition as it causes a lot of distress to the patient. Herbal remedies can give relief in herpes thus reducing the sores. Holy basil is one such herb that has antiseptic properties. It helps in killing the virus that causes herpes. The herb is also known as tulsi in India. It has antiviral and analgesic properties. Using the basil leaves in various ways does give relief in herpes. We will explain the uses of this herb. You can use it externally or make its tea. Following is the way to use it on skin and for making the holy basil tulsi tea for herpes.

Use Holy Basil Tea

Things Required

The basic ingredients for making the basil tea are five leaves of holy basil. If you want to use it in a dry form, you can take one teaspoon dry basil. Apart from this, you will need some water to prepare the tea.

Use Holy Basil Tea

Method Of Using The Tea

For making the tea, you have to boil the basil leaves in water. Cook the leaves with water on a slow flame for about five minutes. Take the tea off from the flame. Steep the basil leaves in boiling water for ten minutes more. Consume the tea after straining it. For a sweet taste, mix a very little amount of honey. Drink the tea hot. The daily intake of the basil tea for herpes should be two cups.

Use Holy Basil Externally On The Skin

Things Required

Apart from drinking the basil tea, you can use it externally on the skin. For this, you will need four leaves of basil.

Holy Basil Externally On The Skin

Method Of Using Holy Basil On Skin

Topical application of basil on skin helps in reducing symptoms of herpes. For this, you need to use the herb in a crushed form. Take about four basil leaves and use a pestle and mortar for crushing them properly. Apply the crushed basil leaves on affected areas of the body over the sores and blisters. Let the paste become dry naturally. After that, you can remove the paste from the skin by wiping with a wet cloth. Do this remedy daily once.

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