How To Use Acupressure For Weight Loss

There are various ways to lose weight. One of the most effective ways to lose weight is acupressure. It is a Japanese technique for weight loss and people have been using this technique from the ancient times.

Weight Loss

Acupressure is very effective in controlling the appetite of a person. Hence you don’t eat more and thus your weight is controlled. It also boosts your metabolism which eventually causes fat burn and weight loss.

What Is Acupressure

There are some vital points in our body which are known as key points. With the help of finger tips or elbow or some objects these points are pressed in such a way that they get stimulated. When these points get stimulated, many chemical reactions start taking place in our body which help in curing many diseases.

Difference Between Acupressure & Acupuncture

Both the techniques have almost equal benefits. However there is a minor difference between the applications of both the techniques. In case of acupuncture, needles are used to puncture the pressure points whereas in case of acupressure either fingers are used or elbows are used to exert pressure on the pressure points. In some cases of acupressure, acupuncturists even use mats or balls to put pressure on the pressure points.


How Acupressure Causes Weight Loss

When you exert pressure on the pressure points of your body, your brain gets different types of signals and in return it sends different types of signals which cause weight loss. For example, when you are feeling hungry, you need to massage your key points with your finger tips. Your action will help your key points to send signals to your brain and in return your brain will act in such a way that your hunger will subside.

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Can Anyone Do Acupressure

No. There are acupuncturists who can do this for you. But since it is very inconvenient to visit the acupuncturists and time consuming, you too can learn the art of acupressure from experts. You can self practice this art on your body and on others once you have gained mastery over this traditional treatment.

Acupressure Expert

How Effective Is Acupressure To Lose Weight

It is very effective. You can lose nearly 7 pounds in a week if your treatment is done in right manner.

Which Point Should be Pressed For Weight Loss

There are above 1000 acupressure points on the body of human beings. These points are also known as acupuncture. To cure different diseases, you need to press specific acupressure points. In order to control weight or to lose weight, you need to press the acupressure points which are located behind your ears, spleen 6 and 9, stomach 36 and liver 3.

In order to control your hunger you need to press the key points behind your ears where the lobes get connected to your ear. Spleen 6 is also one of the most vital key points to be pressed to boost metabolism. You can locate this point on the inside of your ankles which are located above the ankle bone and are 4 finger-wide.

Acupressure Points

Does Acupressure Cause Side Effects

No. It is a safe technique for weight loss. This technique is effective in curing chronic diseases too.

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