How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch MarksYou are pregnant but scared of the stretch marks that you will soon see on your skin? Stretch marks are very common and occur mainly due to alterations in the body size especially due to puberty or pregnancy or speedy weight gain. Stretch marks are most commonly seen in the hips, abdomen and thighs of pregnant women. These marks are also seen on the skin of body builders. Sometimes stretch marks are also created due to genetic factors. They take up different colour in different persons and usually depends upon the skin type.

The red or dark horizontal lines that you see on your skin are stretch marks and these can often turn into permanent scars. Opting for preventive measure is any day a better option instead of looking for ways to get rid of the marks after you see them occurring on your skin. You can prevent these marks by making few changes in your lifestyle or by maintaining yourself after your baby is born. The preventive measures include.

Various Tips To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Eating Skin Nourishing Food

Make proper dietary chart for yourself. Include foods that will improve the elasticity of your skin such as foods that are rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidants and omega 3s. Eating balanced and healthy food will keep your skin nourished and protected always, will repair your skin tissues and will even protect your skin membranes.

Vegetables and Fruits

Spinach, blueberry, broccoli, mango, nuts, seeds, fish, egg, walnuts, all types of fresh vegetables and fruits are few things that you should surely add in your daily diet plan. Stretch marks are also common in bodybuilders and they think that the best way to prevent these marks is to eat healthy food.

Using Moisturisers

It has been observed by many that daily moisturising will improve the elasticity of your skin. Use herbal moisturisers which are safe and will penetrate into your skin and will reduce the chance of stretch marks creation. So lotion up your skin daily because it will not only make your skin smooth and soft but will also increase its elasticity.

Cocoa Butter

Moisturise your skin twice daily and especially moisturise those areas where you have an itching sensation. Expansion of your skin might be the main reason for the itching sensation. Applying moisturisers will prevent the stretch marks that might occur in these areas. Cocoa butter, bio oil, wheatgerm oil are few that can be used to nourish your skin.

Avoid Fatty Food

Tasty food is one thing which no one can resist. Tasty food mainly includes foods that are rich in fat. It is better to avoid fatty food especially when you are pregnant. Eat healthy food because fatty food might increase your weight and thus causes stretch marks. This sudden increase in weight is the main reason for stretch marks. Take expert advice and make proper dietary charts.

Massage Your Skin Regularly

Massaging with the creams that are rich in vitamin A or vitamin E will help you to increase circulation and in turn will encourage the growth of new tissues. Massaging your skin from the beginning will keep your skin supple and will prevent stretch marks.

Massage Therapy

 Many creams from famous brands are being made available in the market which are highly affordable and can be used to massage your skin. Oils produced by sheep can also be used to massage your skin and keep it supple.

Drink Lots Of Water

Water is very essential for all living beings whether we talk about human beings or plants or animals. Water will help you to purify your body and will keep you skin hydrated. Water will keep all your skin cells plump and will help you to prevent stretch marks.

Drink Water

Consumption of water can be increased by adding fruits and vegetables that contains lot of water in your daily diet such as water melons, cucumbers, fresh bell peppers, strawberries and many more. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. You can even drink herbal tea to keep your body hydrated.

Avoiding Dehydrating Products

You should avoid dehydrating products such as soda, tea and coffee. Such products can cause dehydration and can increase the chances of stretch marks. Keeping your body hydrated will keep you away from such marks.

Workout Regularly

Exercising is the best way to stay away from sudden weight gain. Physical exercise will improve circulation in your body and even its elasticity. Sudden weight gain can cause stretch marks and if you are looking for perfect ways to prevent stretch marks then you should exercise regularly.


If you are pregnant then do take your doctor’s advice to know the type of exercise you should opt for. Keep a yoga teacher that will help you with simple exercises and will help you to keep your body moving on a regular basis.

Avoid Smoking

If you are looking for effective ways to prevent stretch marks then you should even try to avoid smoking. Smoking is very bad for heath and can even reduce your skins ability to avoid stretch marks.

Using Sunscreen

You should apply sunscreen on your chest, belly and other areas where stretch marks might take place. Sun rays are harsh and tough on skin and can cause such marks. Application of sunscreen might prevent such marks and will even protect your skin from getting tanned.

apply sunscreens

As we know that prevention is better than cure. Remember to carry out the above mentioned tips regularly if you wish to get best results. Stretch marks can also be genetic but preventing it might help you to reduce its occurrence.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing can be used to exfoliate your skin and will even keep your skin healthy. It is also a preventive technique if you are looking for ways to prevent stretch marks occurrence on your skin.

Dry brush is made from natural fibres. Use them in the areas where stretch marks are likely to occur. Take a shower after brushing to wash off all your dead skin cells. Dry brushing is an affordable way to prevent stretch marks.

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