How To Prevent Obesity Without Crash Dieting

ObesityObesity has become a buzzword everywhere as more people are affected with it. The most obvious reason for obesity in today’s generation is unhealthy food habits (fast and processed foods) and sedentary lifestyle. Obesity not only makes you look ugly but also makes your body more susceptible to chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiac ailments.

The sooner you start to work on your weight, the better it will be for your health. And now if you say that you love foods and don’t want to do crash dieting, then don’t worry there several ways to reduce weight without doing dieting. You just need to be patience and focused to achieve your goal. Here are some effective tips that will surely help you to lose weight and stay healthy as well as beautiful forever.

Ways To Prevent Obesity

Lemon Water

Starting your day with a healthy glass of lemon water is the best steps to shed the extra kilos. Lemon has a plethora of benefits on the body. Being acidic in nature, lemon juice helps to melt the belly fat and excretes it through urination.

Lemon Water

Taking lemon juice first thing in the morning helps to maintain a perfect ph of the stomach controlling acidity or indigestion which indirectly helps to control body weight. To use lemon juice, mix a lemon juice with a glass of water (warm or normal) and drink. You can also mix it with a tablespoon of honey for extra benefit.

Drink Hot Water

Exercise or dieting, if these words make you feel sick then you can still lose weight without doing any of them. Wondering how! Drinking hot water after every meal can work like a magic to shed your extra weight.

Drink Hot Water

Hot water has the quality to digest even heavy meals easily and prevents fat deposit. So, even if you are not dieting, you will not gain weight and will be able to enjoy a guilt-free meal.

Say No to White Foods

According to research, white foods like refined rice and white floor contain carbohydrates and sugar that increase body weight. Therefore, avoid these foods and instead take more whole grain breads and brown rice to replace it. Studies suggest that woman who consumes whole grain breads and brown rice is less likely to gain weight compared to those who eat white floor and rice. Along with minimizing your sugar intake, also swap the white foods with brown one for a healthy you.

Green Tea

Here is one more magical tip to lose weight. Green tea has helped a lot of people and it will help you too. Celebrities and rich people are exploiting it like anything to stay healthy. Now, it is your time to give it a try.

Green Tea

Though any tea is equally effective, oolong tea is considered the best for losing weight. Drinking green tea after meals is even more effective. It works similarly like warm water but have extra benefits of antioxidants. Green tea is rich in antioxidant which not only releases toxin from the body but also prevents from the damaging effects free radicals.


Yoga is a great way to stay fit. It works well both on you physical and mental health. Yoga not only stretches your body muscles but also relaxes the mind releasing tension and anxiety. According to studies, excessive stress also causes obesity. So, it is very necessary to nurture a stress-free mind.


And for losing weight, try hot yoga which is performed in a hot room to sweat out extra calorie. Many yoga poses target to stimulate endocrine glands that fixes other problems in the body. Abnormalities in the glands causes hormonal imbalance which makes you obese. Practice yoga and notice your body slimming down without dieting.

Avoid Caffeine

While you drink more green tea (which is non-caffeinated), lower your consumption of regular coffee or tea. It is not much harmful for your body if taken in limited quantity. But the culprit in these beverages is sugar and cream that is added to enhance its taste. So, limit you daily intake to 1 or 2 cups a day to maintain your weight.


Dieting or not, you need to do any physical exercise regularly to stay slim and fit. Swimming bags the top position in burning calories among all physical exercise.


Even the robust body fat cannot hide from the effect of swimming. It has been estimated that only 30 minutes of swimming is enough to burn 200 calories easily. So, if you do not get enough time for exercise, do swimming at least three times a day to remain slim. Swimming also calms down your mind and detox your body.

Massage & Steam

You must have heard about several massage therapies that works to cut down body weight. It was followed in ancient times and now many people adapting message therapy to lose weight. If you want, then you can visit a massage center and get it done from a therapist. Otherwise, try to do it at home.


But getting it done from therapist is advisable as they stresses on special pressure points which in turn help you to lose weight. They also use special anti-cellulite oil which aids in shedding weight fast. Always take a steam bath or sauna after massage as it will accelerate the weight reduction process while removing toxins from the body and improving blood circulation.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is the key to get a slim body. Every nutritionist or gym instructor will tell to follow this. If you following physical exercise and all tips to get a perfect body, but eating unhealthy at the same, then all your hard work will go in vain. Eating healthy foods doesn’t mean to diet but including more fruits, vegetables, and less-calorie foods yet healthy foods in your meal.

We all know that fruits and vegetables are the powerhouse of nutrition and help the body to stay slim, but feels bore to eat them. There are many ways to make them interesting like preparing a fruit salads or leafy-green salads with your favorite toppings and salad dressing. Sparks an idea! Isn’t it? So try them right away experimenting with several options.

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