How To Prevent Asthma Attacks

Asthma AttackAsthma is considered as a serious lung disease that causes severe bronchial and breathing problems. Asthma attacks can be really threatening so proper precaution should be taken from beforehand in order to prevent it. When the situation is out of control it is better to consult a doctor immediately but in other cases various effective ways can be applied to prevent it.

Though nowadays there are various steroids and drugs available in the market to control asthma attacks but it may have severe side effects because of which it is better to avoid such drugs. Rather it is better to gather good knowledge about what triggers off the asthma attacks and follow effective steps in order to prevent it. Below are few of the effective steps which can be followed to prevent asthma attacks to a great extent.

Various Effective Ways To Prevent Asthma Attacks

Yoga And Pranayama

Doing yoga and pranayamas everyday helps to prevent asthma attacks to a great extent. Doing pranayama everyday is very effective as it has a great effect on the lungs and makes breathing easier. The deep breathing that is done in pranayama helps to clear the passage of the lungs and keeps it active and thereby prevents asthma attacks.


Even doing yoga has a great impact on the body, keeps you healthy and makes your body strong to fight against bronchial infections and thereby prevents asthma attacks considerably.

Eliminate Dust

Clean your home every day and try to keep it dust free as dust particles and dust mites might trigger asthma attacks. The small dust particles and dust mites can irritate your airways and may cause a sudden asthma attack.

Make sure you clean all dust and dust mites in your home and keep it clean and hygienic as much as possible. Maintaining a clean dust free home is one of the best ways to prevent asthma attacks.

Quit Smoking

Smoking as we all know is very injurious to health so if you have asthma then you should quit smoking completely as cigarette smoke can trigger off very threatening asthma attacks. The cigarette smoke can block the passage of the lungs and lead to severe asthma attacks.

Quit Smoking

Even smoke coming out from the person smoking next to you can also lead to asthma attacks. So it is best to quit smoking and also best to avoid any kind of second hand cigarette smoke smell in order to prevent asthma attacks completely.

Avoid Too Much Exercise

Always remember that doing regular exercise is very good as it keeps you fit and healthy but never over exercise too much as it can lead to asthma attacks. Before doing a very rigorous exercise always consult a doctor and take his advice.

Doing various light lung exercises or morning walks are good for health but always avoid over exercising in order prevent acute asthma attacks.

Stay Calm And Avoid Intense Emotions

In order to prevent sudden asthma attacks it important to remain calm avoid occurrence of sudden extreme emotions. Always try to remain calm, stress free and try to control your emotions as much as possible.

 stress free

If you have a tendency to get panic in situations then that can trigger asthma attacks. Try to remain calm and handle situations tactfully in order to prevent asthma attacks.

Do Not Use Perfumes And Deodorants

It is best to avoid perfumes and deodorants with strong smells as it can trigger sudden asthma attacks. If you have the habit of using perfumes then use the one which has a very mild and a soothing smell.

Too much strong smell can irritate your nose which might lead to asthma attacks. Rather it is best to avoid using perfumes and deodorants completely in order to prevent asthma attacks.

Healthy Balanced Diet

It is very important to follow a healthy balanced diet and lead a healthy life in order to prevent asthma attacks. Try and avoid acid forming foods in your diet; like foods that contain carbohydrates, fat and high protein. Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables. Do not forget to include garlic and onions in your food as they are very effective to prevent asthma.


Try to even avoid mucus forming foods like milk, sugar, rice and lentils. Try to maintain a light, less spicy diet that is easy to digest every day. Try to maintain a healthy balanced diet as that can help you to prevent asthma attacks to a great extent.

If you follow these effective steps regularly then you can easily prevent asthma attacks to a great extent.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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