How To Prevent Acne

AcneWith pimples, blackheads and white heads, acne could be a daunting skin problem for many. All these pop up on the skin make it look uneven, ugly and degrade your confidence level. Not only these, it is very difficult to put make up on the skin for any special occasion as either it reacts with the make up or the get up will not come as you desire. You must have come across many tips to cure acne, but this article will teach you some ways to prevent acne at the first place.

Well, as we all known, it is better to take a good care of the skin earlier than to repent later. It does not involve anything that you are unaware of but sometimes we ignore small and minutes precaution on skin care that may help us in a long run. So, let’s remind our brain of the simple skin acre that might prevent acne forever, and make our skin look flawless for now and always.

Various Methods For Prevent Acne

Clean your Skin

Cleaning is an integral part of skin care routine that should not be avoided. It helps to remove extra oil and dead cells from the skin. It also cleans the dirt and pollutants that may encounter the skin from the atmosphere. Therefore, cleanse your skin twice a day to stay away from unwanted particles from the skin that may take the shape of acne later.

Clean your Skin

Use a soap-free and mild face wash to clean your skin. Well, if you feel lazy to put water on your face twice or if the weather is too cold to touch water then just wipe your face with a face wipes in the evening. But make sure that you clean your face with water the next morning.


Moisturizing is an essential and second step of skin care routine after cleansing. Never leave your skin without moisturizing after cleaning as it will make your skin dry, flaky and uneven. There are several acne moisturizers available in the market, but some of them make the skin even drier.

So, chose a product wisely after testing and reading the label carefully. Opt for moisturizer that labels “noncomedogenic” which confirms that the product is for acne prevention.

Stay Away From Sunrays

Exposure to sunrays may cause acne problem. Initially, it starts with inflammation, redness and rashes which turn into acne. Therefore, protect your skin from sunlight especially during hot summer days when the sunshine is scorching.

sunrays may cause acne

Moreover, avoid exposure of sunlight between 10 am to 2 pm as during these times the intensity of the sunray is very high. Wear a good quality sunblock 30 minutes before stepping out. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or more for maximum protection. Also chose a “noncomedogenic” labeled sunscreen for acne prevention.

Make up your Skin Occasionally

If you want to stay away from acne then limit the use of make up as much as possible. Make up blocks the skin pores resulting in acne. Even if you are putting make up on your face for any special occasion, make sure that you wash your face soon after your return home and before going to bed. Buy make up products that are oil free as well as dye and chemical free.

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Manage your Hair Care

You might think now, why you have to manage your hair care to prevent acne. But surprisingly you need to take care of your scalp and hair to stay away from acne. Whatever you use on your scalp or hair also comes down and interacts with your face skin. If you scalp have dandruff then the skin flakes may fall on your face skin and cause acne.

pomades, or gel

Do not put excessive oil, pomades, or gel on your hair as they may come down to you face skin and cause acne. If you have oily scalp then make sure to wash the hair frequently to keep it oil free. And you have long hair then try to keep it away from the face.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Though acne is not linked with food directly, but it is always better to maintain a healthy diet. Sometimes excessive oily and spicy foods do cause acne, so avoid these foods in excess to prevent acne. Instead, eat more fruits and vegetables to nourish your skin.

There is a myth among people that eating chocolate causes acne. But it is confirmed by nutritionists that chocolates do not cause acne. So, you can eat your favorite chocolate in moderation without guilt.

Take Bath After Exercise

If you are a fitness freak and enjoy your daily workout then your skin will always look fresh and radiant. But never forget to take bath after work out.

Take Bath After Exercise

Because when you work out, your skin sweats out toxins which may not be friendly for your skin. So, it is advisable to take a shower soon after exercise to wash away the toxins.

Lead A Stress Free Life

Stress and anxiety is a number one enemy of your overall health and it is for your skin. Studies have shown that body secretes harmful chemicals during stress that are very harmful for your skin and health. Stress also gives rise to hormonal imbalance that causes acne. Either you learn to remain cool and calm in the most stressful situation or follow meditation or yoga to relax your mind. Busy yourself in a hobby in the leisure time to divert your mind from the negative thoughts which results in stress. Everything in life never remains perfect, but need to learn to live happily with all the problems and in the adverse situation.

Maintain Hygiene

You must have heard about the popular phrase ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’, here it won’t be wrong to say the ‘cleanliness is next to beautiful skin’. The reason to mention it here is just to focus on the importance of hygiene in preventing acne.


Dirt or grease on your bed sheet or pillow case where you lie down daily easily interact with your skin and cause acne. Your towel is also an important cloth in your daily life that should also be clean and dirt fee.

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