How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs


Hypertension is a serious disease in which the blood pressure becomes very high. Normal blood pressure levels can be considered as the systolic reading less than 120 and diastolic reading less than 80. If the blood pressure becomes more than this reading, the patient is said to be suffering from hypertension. Following a healthy lifestyle helps in controlling this problem. It also helps in avoiding the use of medicines. You can control the blood pressure even without medicines. We will give you some tips for this.

Following Are The Top 15 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Drink Tea And Coffee

Drinking tea helps in controlling the problem of hypertension. You can also improve your health by drinking coffee. The intake of tea should be 4 cups per day. Studies have shown that tea does reduce the blood pressure levels.

Tea and Coffee

Drink Beetroot Juice

It is possible to reduce blood pressure by drinking beetroot juice. Beetroot is a healthy salad vegetable that contains high amounts of nitrates, which can decrease blood pressure. Thus, you should drink beetroot juice daily. You can take one-cup juice daily.

Beetroot juice

Eat Banana

Banana is a healthy fruit that helps in reducing blood pressure levels. The fruit contains high amounts of potassium, a nutrient that controls hypertension. A single banana contains four hundred and twenty two milligrams potassium. Thus, you should eat banana.


Eat Potassium Rich Foods

Apart from banana, you can also eat other potassium rich foods that reduce blood pressure. Eat high potassium vegetables like potato, peas and sweet potato. Take dry fruits like raisins. It is beneficial to take tomato, prunes, cantaloupe and orange juice.

Potato (3)

Take Low Salt Foods

Eating salty foods increases the blood pressure. You should take less amount of salt in the diet. Eat low salt foods. The daily intake of salt should be less than two thousand and three hundred milligrams. Avoid pickles, sauces and processed foods since it has very high salt.


Take Low Sugar Foods

Sugary foods are very harmful for hypertension patients. Avoid all types of sugary foods and drinks like chocolates, desserts, puddings, candies and cakes. Don’t take sugary drinks like fruit juice, colas and soft drinks. Take foods that contain less amount of sugar.


Eat Yogurt

You can prevent and control hypertension by eating yogurt. Yogurt is a healthy dairy food that contains calcium, a nutrient that improves the health of blood vessels thus controlling blood pressure levels. Include yogurt in the daily diet.


Avoid Refined Foods

Grains made of refined flour increase the blood sugar levels and it is unhealthy for blood pressure. Avoid foods made with refined grains like white bread and rice. Instead of this, you can take brown bread and brown rice. Don’t eat pasta. It is healthy to eat whole grains.

white bread

Eat Fatty Fish

Non-vegetarian people can control their blood pressure levels by eating fatty fish. The fish contains omega 3 fats that help in decreasing triglyceride levels. Eating fish like salmon and tuna can improves heart health in hypertension patients. You should eat fish two times every week. Fish contains protein also.

Fatty Fishes

Control Your Weight

Obesity increases the risk of hypertension. Controlling the body weight can help in preventing this problem. Reducing even ten pounds weight is useful for improving health. Try to decrease the waist size. Men should have waist less than forty inches while women should have waist size less than thirty-five inches.


Do Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is a must for preventing and controlling high blood pressure problem. Walking is the easiest exercise for which you don’t need any equipment and training. Brisk walking for half an hour daily can help in controlling the blood pressure. If you can’t walk for half an hour, walking for ten minutes will also help a lot. You can do other exercises like cycling and swimming.

Exercise Regularly

Control Stress

Stress can worsen the condition of hypertension patients. Mental tensions and emotional problems are the leading cause of health problems including high blood pressure. Learn to manage stress by listening to music and relaxing the mind. Do meditation. Learn techniques of stress management.


Do Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is an easy way to reduce formation of stress hormones in our body thus helping in controlling blood pressure. Take in deep breaths allowing the stomach to expand. Take out deep breaths. Feel the tension reducing while exhaling. Do this for five minutes twice daily.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Quit Smoking

Smoking is a major risk factor of high blood pressure. The cigarette contains harmful ingredients like tobacco that increase the blood pressure. You can prevent and control hypertension by avoiding smoking. Take steps to quit the habit.

Quit Smoking

Quit Alcohol

Alcohol is another bad addiction that can cause hypertension. It is very harmful for liver and kidneys. Due to this, extra fluid is deposited in our organs thus worsening the problem of blood pressure. Thus, you should avoid this addiction. Quit alcohol completely.

Avoid alcohol

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