How To Improve The Flexibility Of Your Body


Flexibility Of Your Body

Flexibility is the ability to stretch the body so that you can touch the toes with your fingers. It can also be termed as your bending capability. It is important for the body to be flexible for avoiding injury. Doing a desk job at the computer damages the posture by bending the back and reducing the flexibility. Thus, you should do exercises that help in improving the flexibility. It will help in loosening the hips and shoulders so that the body can become flexible. We will give some tips for increasing the flexibility. Use our tips and exercise suggestions to stretch the body and do different workouts that make the body flexible.

Following Are The Tips On How To Improve The Flexibility Of Your Body:

1. Do Warm Up Before The Exercise

Always do warm up before doing any exercise. For this, you can do stretches. Choose dynamic stretching instead of static stretching. If you are doing weight lifting or cardiovascular exercises, you should do squatting, lunges or push-ups before that. Do the warm up exercises for twenty times in three sets.


2. Do Different Types Of Stretches

Instead of doing similar stretches every day, you should include a variety of stretches in your workout routine. We need different types of stretches for a single muscle. For the hamstring stretching, choose stretching towards the side and front both. Do the stretches in both straight and bent knee position. Thus, change the position and do the stretches in different ways.


3. Do Yoga

Do yoga for improving the flexibility of your body. The best yoga poses for this purpose are Mountain pose, Child’s pose, and Downward- facing dog. Learn the right way of doing yoga from videos or consider learning it from an instructor at a yoga class. Do the breathing exercises also.


4. Do The Hip Flexor Movement

Do the hip flexor movement for stretching the hamstring muscles. For this, you should bend down on the floor while bending your knees. Do a lunge movement by taking one leg forward and the other leg bent behind it. Perform a stretching movement, hold and repeat. Do this with the opposite leg also.


5. Do Massage

Do massage along with stretching and workouts. It will help in improving the movement of your body by loosening the knots in the body muscles. For this, you can do foam rolling before the workout and after it. You can also take the help of a massage done by a professional to improve the flexibility.

Massage Therapy

6. Do Stretching After Exercises And At Night

While stretching in a warm up helps in preparing the body for workout, the post-workout stretching really helps in improving the flexibility. You can also do the stretching exercises at night before sleeping. It will help in increasing the muscle length. It increases the flexibility permanently.


7. Do Shoulder And Back Exercises

Do shoulder and back exercises for improving the flexibility. For shoulders, do the chest stretching by taking the hands behind the body and holding them together. Raise the hands upwards into a stretch. Stretch the hands at the sides of the chest. Do back stretching while lying down. Lift the knees towards your chest. Take the head upward and do a crunch. You can also do the cobra pose of yoga.


8. Do The Swan Stretch Exercise

Do the Swan Stretch exercise by lying on the stomach on a bed or floor. Place the hands at the side of the shoulders. Keep the palms on the lower surface while keeping the legs extended at the backside. Lift the body upwards by applying pressure on the hands. Stretch the upper body lengthwise, hold and release. Repeat the movement five times. It will help in opening up the chest.


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