How To Get Rid Of Pimples On Scalp

How To Get Rid Of Pimples On Scalp

Face pimples is a common problem for most girls and women. You may not be aware that pimples can occur on the scalp of your head also. Scalp pimples are an irritating hair problem that causes a lot of pain to the affected person. The pimples are not visible to other people as it is hidden below our hair. Brushing and combing the hair causes pain in these pimples. Since the pimples are located under the hair, its treatment is not very easy. The pimples are caused by blocking of hair follicles by sweat and oil produced in scalp. The problem also occurs when dead cells collect on surface of scalp. Microorganisms attack the scalp and it leads to pimples formation. It is important to treat the problem in a proper way. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Get Rid Of Pimples On Scalp:

Wash The Hair

Keep the hair clean by washing it properly. Use a good shampoo for washing the hair. Washing hair with only water will not be beneficial. Shampoo helps in removing oil and dirt from the scalp. Shampoo the hair at regular intervals. Don’t make the mistake of not washing hair for many days.

Avoid washing of the hair during rainy days


Vinegar can help in preventing and treating the scalp pimples. Mix vinegar with water to dilute it. Take bath and wash the hair. Use the vinegar solution for rinsing hair after that. Vinegar helps in killing microorganisms in the scalp and balancing the skin pH. Do this remedy one time in seven days.

White vinegar

Aloe Vera

You can treat scalp pimples naturally by using aloe vera. It hydrates the scalp and heals pimples on it. Apply aloe vera gel on your scalp on affected areas. You can also apply aloe juice and ointment on the scalp for treating pimples.

Aloe vera (3)

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil treats scalp pimples in a natural way. Mix the oil with little water. Apply on scalp on affected areas. You can also use the oil after mixing it with shampoo. The oil heals pimples due to its antiseptic properties. It cures dandruff too.

Tea Tree Oil

Tomato Juice

Tomato contains natural salicylic acid, which helps in healing scalp pimples. Extract juice from tomatoes. Wash hair and use the juice for rinsing hair after that. It will help in balancing the scalp pH while making the hair healthy. Pimples will be cured and the hair will become shiny.

Tomato Juice (3)

Exfoliate The Scalp

Exfoliating the scalp regularly helps in removing dirt deposits and dead cells from the scalp. It cleans the scalp and prevents pimple formation. Do massage on the scalp with fingers very gently without applying pressure and force.

Exfoliate The Scalp


Henna is a natural product that can treat scalp pimples. Mix water with henna powder. Apply on scalp. Wear a cap on head. Wash the hair after half an hour. This remedy will prevent dandruff and scalp infection. It will moisturize the scalp.


Cinnamon Hair Mask

Cinnamon hair mask helps in healing scalp pimples. For this, you need to mix honey with little amount of cinnamon powder. Apply on scalp. Wash the scalp after 20 minutes. Do this remedy two times in seven days.

Honey and cinnamon Mask

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has citric acid, which heals the scalp pimples quite well. Mix the juice with rosewater. Wait for fifteen minutes. Wash hair and use the lemon juice solution for rinsing the hair after that. It treats scalp infection and irritation while unclogging the blocked pores.

Lemon Juice

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