How To Get Rid Of Lice – 5 Effective Methods

Head LiceLice can happen to anyone and they don’t necessarily mean that you are unclean. This is because a lice infestation can happen by coming in close contact to a person who has lice. Head lice spread with alarming speed among young children and sometimes can occur in adults as well.

There are many anti lice treatments available over the counter, but most of them are based on chemicals and eventually harm the hair and the scalp and even the eyes. That is why if you are trying to find out how to get rid of lice it will be better to look at some natural remedies that can help getting rid of this pest that can cause a lot of irritation and discomfort. It is important to get rid of lice as soon as possible because they can cause serious ailments like typhus.

How To Get Rid Of Lice

Comb Them Out

This is a standard treatment for head lice and usually has to be used with all other treatments. You get a special comb for combing out lice from any drugstore or health store.

Comb them out

You can use this comb to comb hair a section at a time and the lice will get caught in the teeth of the comb and come out of the hair. It is best to apply some oil to the hair and scalp before you use the comb. This will make combing easier.

Essential Oil Treatment For Head Lice
How To Prevent Head Lice

Olive Oil

This remedy is easily found in any kitchen is excellent for smothering and suffocating the lice. The olive oil should be applied for whole night and your head should be covered by a shower cap so that the lice will die without being able to breathe.

Olive Oil

However, applying this remedy of how to get rid of lice doesn’t work if applied for a short time because lice can stay alive without breathing for a long time. As mentioned above comb out the dead lice and the ones that are half dead in the morning.

Hot Air

Hot air from a hair dryer is very effective in killing nits, but not so effective with live lice. Hence this method can be used along with other remedies that are more effective on lice and this method can be used to get rid of the nits.

Using Hot air to remove head lice

Use a hair dryer on the hair that is freshly washed but never use it with chemical lice treatments as some of them may be inflammable.

Petroleum Jelly

Like olive oil, the petroleum jelly also works by suffocating the lice and killing them and just like with the olive oil, it should be applied overnight under a shower cap and washed in the morning.

Petroleum Jelly

However, keep in mind that once this product is applied to the hair it may be difficult to get it out of the hair, but it is a great way of how to get rid of lice.



Kerosene is another remedy for getting rid of head lice and should be applied overnight to the hair and shampooed in the morning. Then a lice comb should be used to comb out the dead lice and nits.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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