How To Get Flat Abs

How To Get Flat Abs

Fat deposition at the stomach makes the belly very fat. Obesity is not good for health and it is more serious when the fat is concentrated in the belly region. A fatty body is not good to look at and it invites bad comments and remarks from others. It makes you feel conscious in social situations when everyone wants to look slim and smart. Diet and exercise can help in fighting the problem of abdominal fat. Eating healthy foods and avoiding fatty foods is very important for staying slim and fit. Regular workout at home or gym also helps in preventing weight gain. You should try to get flat abs. We will give you some diet and exercise tips for getting flat abs.

Following Are Some Useful Tips On How To Get Flat Abs In 12 Easy Steps:

Drink Water

Increasing the intake of water helps in getting flat abs. It prevents bloating due to water retention. When you drink water, you don’t do overeating due to feeling full. It decreases the hunger and makes you slim by controlling the diet. Drinking water also improves the metabolism.

Cold Water

Eat Fibrous Foods

Eating fibrous foods helps in treating constipation and controlling the body weight. Foods like fruits and vegetables that contain high amounts of fiber help in getting a slim waist. It prevents bloating and bulging of tummy. You should eat whole grains and other types of fibrous foods. The daily intake of fiber should be twenty-five grams.

Inclusion Of Fiber In Meal

Take Low Calorie Foods

Control the amounts of calories you eat in foods. Taking low calorie foods helps in busting the belly fat. Decrease the amount of total calories consumed in daily diet. Avoid high calorie foods like fried foods and fast foods like chips, pizza and hamburgers.

Eat Low Calorie Foods

Take Healthy Fats

Instead of taking fatty foods, use healthy fats in the diet. Foods like nuts and olive oil contain healthy fats that help in improving health and making the abdomen slim. Eat fatty fishes that contain omega 3 fats. All these foods give energy while burning the body fat.

Include healthy fats in your diet

Use Ginger

Include ginger in your diet for staying slim and fit. Drink ginger tea for best results. You can use it after grating it and boiling it with the tea. Ginger treats bloating by soothing the intestinal tract.

The Ginger Remedy

Take Low Salt Foods

Eating salty foods is the major cause of bloated stomach and body. Salt causes bloating due to water retention. Reduce the amount of salt in your diet. Take low salt foods and don’t add extra salt to foods you eat. Use herbs and spices for flavoring the dishes you cook in place of using salt.

Cut Down your Salt Intake

Upside-Down Pendulum Exercise

Upside-down pendulum is an easy exercise to get a thin waist. Stand straight with the feet away from each other. Lift both hands above the head holding a single dumbbell. Bend towards the right side along with the hands straight holding dumbbells. Return to starting position and repeat the movement with the opposite side.

Upside-down pendulum

Plank Exercise

Plank exercise is very good for getting a flat belly. Lie down on bed or ground on the stomach. Raise the feet with the toes touching the ground. Lift the body upwards supporting on the elbows to maintain a plank position. The back should be straight. Hold and return to starting position. Repeat several times.

Plank Push Up

Hip Raise Exercise

Hip raise is another exercise for making the abdomen area slim. The exercise is done while lying down on the back. Bend the knees and keep them folded. The feet should touch the ground or bed on which you are lying down. Lift the hips upwards and hold for few seconds, return to starting position. Repeat several times.

Hip Raise Exercise

Circuit Training Exercises

Circuit training exercises such as lunges help in busting the abdominal fat. Repeat the exercise fifteen times. These exercises help in making the belly region thin. You can do pushups along with pull-ups. Do rope skipping after finishing the exercise.

Circuit Training Exercises

Oblique Crunch Exercise

For doing the oblique crunch exercise, you need to stand straight with feet away from each other. Hold dumbbell in one hand. Move the dumbbell upwards towards opposite side with a stretching movement. Lower the dumbbell and do crunching movement with torso lifting the knee upwards while bending and lowering the elbows with dumbbells. Repeat the movement twelve times and do the exercise with opposite side.

Oblique Crunch Exercise

Do Gardening

Gardening is a very good activity that can make the tummy slim. When you work with plants in the garden, you have to bend and lift the body for digging the soil. The body is twisted and the stomach needs to be moved and contracted for doing this. All these movements make the abdominal muscles strong giving you flat abs.

Do Gardening

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