How To Gain Strength With Power Yoga

Every body of us could do with a little more flexibility and strength to our body. It does not matter if you are fat or thin, but half of the people out there are not what scientifically is called ‘fit’. Fitness and strength go hand in hand and they are what shape us, our personality, our attitude and our physical abilities.

Power Toga takes the challenge of keeping it under check that while you can bend like a pretzel, you can also gain strength physically and mentally to defeat life’s challenges. Power Yoga helps to strengthen mind and body in the following ways.

Various Yoga Poses To Gain Strength

Understanding Strength

You need to understand different types of strength before you embark into any sort of yoga asanas. Endurance and power are two separate things.

yoga asanas

While most of the Yoga techniques will teach you to endure the physical pressure of holding the same posture for a long time, Power Yoga also helps in building your muscle strength.To build muscle strength you need to move them against a resistance. In power yoga that resistance will be your own body weight.

Salute To The Sun

Salute the sun is a lengthy process and aims in working your whole body. It basically means that you have to switch over from hands down pose to a standing pose alternatingly.

Salute To The Sun

This works by stretching your torso and other body parts to their limits. It is a bit tiring and might cause you a little pain at the beginning, but Power Yoga works like magic.

Down Dog Push Ups

If becoming strong and having a toned body without going to a gym is your motto, then this is the right place to enquire. Down Dog Push Ups helps in strengthening your muscles and giving you a lean body that most people die for.

Down Dog Push Ups

It is also one of the easiest poses of them all. Just bend your body in a Down Dog Pose, now bend your elbow and touch your forehead to the ground, all the while keeping your spine and legs absolutely straight. Then flex your body to return to your earlier position.

Chaturanga Dandasana

This helps to gain you upper body strength. Start with the Down Dog Pose. Now as you lower yourself towards the ground, lift your upper body into a cobra pose.Curl your toes under your body and lift your entire body from the ground.

Chaturanga Dandasana

So at this point only your toes and hands are touching the ground. Hold for a few minutes and then relax your body. Repeat it as many times as you want.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga, popularly known as flowing yoga requires you to flow from one pose to another with gliding clarity. And, you need not to worry because this thing can be done for both basic and advanced yoga course. For example, in order to increase leg strength you might want to flow from Warrior Pose One to Warrior Pose Two followed by Triangle pose and finally Chair Pose.

Vinyasa yoga

This works on the principal that you need to stretch and pull your muscle continuously in order to stay in balance while transitioning from one pose to another after five to eight to breaths.

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