How To Cure Chicken Pox

Chicken PoxChicken Pox is a highly contagious disease that usually occurs in children but adults can also suffer from it as well. Nowadays there is chicken pox vaccines that prevent the occurrence of the disease to a certain extent but still every year lot of people suffer from this disease. Chicken pox is caused from varicella virus which enters the body generally through the nose and spreads in the body really fast. This disease causes hideous blisters along with unpleasant itchiness that causes tremendous discomfort.

So it is very important to tackle these kinds of symptoms and cure the disease as soon as possible before things become worse. Generally the disease takes 7- 21 days to be fully cured but there are certain home remedies that give relief and also helps to cure the disease faster without leaving any scars.

Ways To Cure Chicken Pox

Take Oatmeal Bath

Taking oatmeal bath is considered as one of the most effective home remedies to give relief from the itching sensation and curing the disease faster. The bath is generally prepared by cooking two cups of oatmeal in two litres of water for about fifteen minutes. After the mixture is ready pour it in the warm water of the tub or bucket that has been made ready for the bath.


Take this oatmeal bath and soon you will find that your itchiness has gone and you will also start to feel much comfortable and fresh. This bath is one of the safest and the best way to get relief from this disease.

Apply Vitamin E Oil In The Body

Vitamin E Oil

Another very effective cure for chicken pox is applying Vitamin E Oil in the body. Once you start applying the oil in your body you can feel as well as see the effect soon. Even the marks left by chicken pox also fade away slowly by regular application of this oil.

Drink Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal tea is also very effective for curing chicken pox. Herbal tea prepared by the herbs like basil, chamomile, lemon balm, and marigold provides excellent results in curing chicken pox.

Herbal Tea

You can even add lemon, honey, or cinnamon into the tea to increase both taste as well as effectiveness. Drinking this tea daily at regular intervals will help to cure your chiken pox faster.

Take Neem Leaves Bath

Neem leaves have a lot of medicinal values and is very effective to cure chicken pox. You can easily mix the neem leaves into your bath tub or in bucket full of water and a take a proper bath with that water.

Neem Leaves

The neem leaves have wonderful healing impact and helps to get rid of the unwanted itchy rash faster and provides immense relief to the body.

Drink Plenty Of Water And Juices

Drink plenty of water and fluids in the form of juices in order to keep the body cool and hydrated to cure the disease faster.

Water And Juices

Drink plenty of raw and fresh fruit and vegetable juices as it helps to wash out the harmful toxins in your body. Drink plenty of lemon juices as it is a very effective cure for chicken pox.

If you follow these effective home remedies then you can get instant relief and cure the disease relatively faster.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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