How Does Hanging Help Increase Height And Effect Of Hanging To Our Body

How Does Hanging Help Increase Height

Human body is a temple and every one wants to fit and want a good physique , in this the main feature of the body is the height of his body and each and every man and woman wants to be tall in order to get height they do a lot of activities like take proper diet ,  do exercise , go to the gym , doing stretching and hanging.

How Does Hanging Effect Of Hanging To Our Body:

1- Is Hanging Really Works

Research says that hanging is the best way to increase the height of the human body if you are a teenager then it is the best way to hanging as when you are hanging  your whole body is stretching and a attraction force is applied on your whole body this is known as the gravitational force which try to pull your body towards the ground and your body also applied a pressure against it , body injects more blood to the vessels and the tissues to the body and new tissues is made.

Is hanging really works

2- Effect On The Body During Hanging

during hanging our body is straight just perpendicular to the earth and our spinal cord is totally in a stretch position and the whole pressure of the body comes to the spinal cord ,  for the teenager this spinal is slightly flexible and is ready to increase with some exercise. These spinal chords are in the forms of the discs and the thickness of these disks varies the height of the human body , when these disks are in tension or in pressure the extra tissues create and the make these disks thick. Hence the whole body increases and human look longer.

Effect On The Body During Hanging

3- Equipment

take a strong rod which can bear your weight easily , hang it in a open field at a height more than your height now jump and grasp the rod by your hands with palm facing towards you now hang around as per your body limit, normally 5 minutes is sufficient, feel the stretch on your spinal cord, and after 5 minutes drop down the rod and relax and do the process again and again and rest is necessary.


4- Food And Supplements

apart form the stretching exercise proper diet should be followed vitamin and mineral rich food should eat and milk , protein enriched supplements should be taken, proper exercise and good diet will give you better results.

Food and Supplements

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