5 Awesome Homemade Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipes For Healthy Hair

Homemade Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipes For Healthy Hair

Olive oil is perhaps one of the most highly rated ingredients for a healthy body, skin and hair. Its multiple health benefits make it an extremely coveted product that can work wonders for you. If you are worried about your hair and want to maintain those lustrous locks in perfect shape, try some of the homemade olive oil masks. Due to its light texture, it is perfectly suited to all kinds of hair and it can be easily combined with different types of ingredients to create a truly nourishing hair mask.

Let’s Find Out How You Can Make 5 Awesome Homemade Olive Oil Hair Masks.

1. Olive Oil And Egg Mask

To prepare an olive oil mask for normal or combination hair, mix together 2 tablespoons of olive oil with one egg. Thoroughly combine the egg whites and yolks with the oil to make a nourishing mask. Before using this mask, wash your hair with a good quality shampoo. Use a wide tooth comb to part wet hair. Apply the mask all over your hair, making sure that it covers the tip and length of your hair. Wait for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. It is an extremely mild hair mask and can be used twice a week.

Olive Oil And Egg Mask

2. Olive Oil, Coconut Oil And Honey Mask

If you choose to rehydrate, revitalize and nourish your hair, a hair mask with olive oil, coconut oil and honey is just perfect. Combine to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey and mix all the ingredients very well. Use a brush or your fingertips to gently massage your scalp and hair follicles with this magical mask. Cover your hair completely with the mask and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Shampoo afterwards and apply a conditioner to maintain natural glow.

3. Olive Oil And Banana Mask

The best solution for dry and damaged hair is the olive oil and banana mask. While the olive oil helps to tame frizzy hair and locks its moisture, banana is a superfood that is loaded with potassium and is known to control split ends, repair damages and provide much needed nourishment to rough hair. Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 1 big or 2 small bananas. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of yogurt to this mixture to form a smooth paste like mask. Apply the mask from the root to the tip of your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

4. Olive Oil And Avocado Mask

Avocado is an excellent ingredient for repairing and reviving dull, damaged hair. When combined with olive oil and honey, it makes a wonderful hair mask that helps to recover its lost beauty. Mash the pulp of a ripe avocado and mix it with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of yogurt. Combine all the ingredients thoroughly to make a smooth mask. Wash your hair with shampoo and apply this mask on wet hair, covering it from the top to the bottom. Remember to apply it on the scalp as well. Leave it for 30 to 40 minutes before washing off.

5. Olive Oil And Mayonnaise Mask

You can prepare a simple hair mask with equal quantities of mayonnaise and olive oil. Combine both the ingredients and apply it all over your scalp and hair to get rid of dry, damaged hair. Let it sit for 30 minutes before washing off. This can be applied once or twice a week depending on the kind of nourishment required.

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