11 Home Remedies To Lose Weight

Remedies To Lose Weight

Overweight might occur just because of excessive fat in your body and the main reason behind this problem is having too much food and unbalanced dieting process.

If you consume more calories than the amount you burn, the extra amount of calories will get stored as fat, in your body. It is good to have fat, but having too much fat can result in overweight. In case you are in this problem, then read this best home remedies and solve your problem today.

Tips To Lose Weight Naturally

Drink Enough Water

Consuming eight to ten glasses of water daily is one of the speedy remedies of weight loss and it is suggested by many people. This will help us in reducing weight and burn calories from our body.

Drink Water

Take Small Meals

It is always recommended to eat in smaller quantity. It is better to take frequent small meals, rather than taking one heavy meal. Take the meals at regular intervals. Try to consume fruits and vegetables in sufficient amount. You should avoid taking processed food.

Fruits And Vegitables

Raw food is always better to overcome obesity. One of the most important remedies that should be implemented to keep our weight to normal is healthy diet. Never overindulge while eating any kind of food. Try to keep the diet balanced.

Mint Leaves

Take some mint leaves and eat them with every single meal you are having throughout the day. It is very helpful in breaking your fats.

Mint Leave

Green Tea

Green Tea includes excellent properties which help in reducing weight and it increases the metabolism too. If we have a good metabolism, then it can help in burning our energy faster.


Green Tea

Honey And Lime Mix Juice

Honey and Lime Juice is also one of the best combinations which can help us in fighting with obesity. You can take a lime juice and mix a teaspoon of honey and take it with warm water at regular basis.

Honey And Lime Mix Juice

Indian Plum

The leaf of Indian plum contains fat burning properties and can help you in burning fat in great way.

Indian Plum

You can take these leaves and soak them for whole night with cup of water and next day just drink that water with empty stomach.


Exercise is the best home care and it should be performed daily to get superb result. It keeps you healthy as well as fit in your daily life.



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Fruit Juices

Drinking some fruit smoothies is another good remedy that can be tried at home. There are different varieties that can try, but you should try the one, which is rich in vitamin and protein, to get the best result.

Fruit Juices

Control On Sugar And Fats

Remember to keep the intake of sugar and fat to lowest level. The fats that should be avoided are saturated fats as well as trans-fatty.

Contol Sugar

Controlled Diet

Too much of carbohydrates are also risky in this situation. So, keeping rice and potatoes controlled in your food can be good thing to control your body weight.


Wheat, maize and barley are the best foods which can replace rice for the people facing weight problems. Try to keep salt free diet completely in a week. This is also good in reducing your body weight. If possible you can also skip one meal in a month.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also good source of reducing weight. We should consume food that is rich in Vitamin C.

Vitamin c

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