11 Home Remedies For Teething Babies

Teething is an unavoidable part of a baby’s life. It is a very distressing time for most babies and they turn increasingly cranky with the heavy drooling and try to stick anything and everything into their mouth all the time. It is also a troublesome time for the mothers as they have to find safe and fun ways to keep the baby occupied and away from the pain and uneasiness associated with teething.

Teething Baby

Teething can be made comfortable for the baby by observing a few things at home. This will ensure that the baby remains free of distress and is very easy to manage as well. Here are a few suggestions that can be put into practice and ease the pain and discomfort associated with teething. However, whatever home remedy that you use, it is very important to be with the baby all the time as many of the things, even though they are deemed generally safe, may cause a choking hazard under unfortunate circumstances.

Tips To Cure Teething Babies Naturally

Chew Toys

Chew toys are the best way to keep your baby’s fingers away from her hand. Most babies start inserting their fingers into their mouth to stop the pain and urge to chew.

Teething toys are very safe and can be given to the babies whenever they start becoming cranky. However, care has to be taken to ensure that the toys are organically made and do not have toxic substances that can cause harm to the baby.

Chew Toys

Inserting Your Finger

Inserting your finger is another way to stop the baby from becoming cranky. However, it must be noted that once the first tooth peeps out of the gums, it could become a painful activity and you might find it difficult to make the baby understand that biting your fingers is painful and not so pleasant as before.

Inserting Your Finger

Frozen Veggies And Fruits

This is another great way to ease the pain and discomfort. A mesh feeder can be used for this purpose. Fruits like mangoes, apples and bananas are apt for this purpose.

Carrots and celeries are favorite vegetables with moms that can be safely given to babies. These fruits and vegetables can also be tied inside organic tea bags or sackcloth which to are safe options for babies. It must always be noted that babies must never be left alone with these food items due to choking hazard.

Frozen Mango

Wooden Rings And Other Toys

There are specific wooden teething toys, which are aimed for this purpose. These toys are organic and do not pose any health risk for the babies.

Care must be taken to ensure that the toys that you buy and big enough to avoid any choking risk and also age appropriate. There are also safe options like wooden spoons and measuring cups, which are entirely safe if it is in use or old as the wood finish must have worn out by then.

Wooden Teething Toys

Clove Oil

Clove oil or cloves are known to be a safe and natural remedy for all kind of tooth and gum problems. However, you must be very careful while using it on babies as the oil is very strong. It has to be diluted carefully with a carrier oil like almond or olive or coconut oil and then has to be massaged gently on to the baby’s gums?

Remember to use the diluted oil on your gums to test its strength before administering it on the baby’s gums. One drop of the clove oil can be diluted with two or three drops of carrier oil for this purpose.

Clove Oil

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes too can be used a numbing agent to relieve your baby from the pain and also ease the inflammation. Do not use ice cubes directly as it could be too cold for the baby.

Cover it with gauze or a thin cotton cloth and apply on the gums. This will ease the discomfort greatly. Another simple way to use an ice cube is to fill the feeding bottle with water and freeze it by keeping it upside down. This can be safely given to the baby so that he/she can chew on the iced nipple.

Ice Cubes

Herbal Ice Cubes

We all know that ice cubes are wonderful soothing agents for teething babies. How about a herbal ice cube to reduce the swelling and heal soothe the gums better?

Chamomile is a soothing and healing agent and is also anti inflammatory in nature. Take one chamomile tea bag and brew a tea with two cups of water. This diluted tea can be made into ice cubes and applied on the baby’s gums to ease the pain and inflammation.

Chamomile Tea Ice Cubes

Frozen Washcloths And Handkerchiefs

This is another simple way to keep your baby free from pain and crankiness. Freeze washcloths, cotton towels or cheese cloths after dampening them and then place it in the refrigerator. Putting a knot on the cloth is recommended as it will give the baby a hard surface to chew on. It is also recommended to dip the cloth in chamomile tea to increase the effect of this treatment.

Frozen Washcloth


Apple sauce is a wonderful and healthy remedy for teething babies and since it tastes good, most babies love them. Refrigerate apple sauce and give it to them to ease the symptoms of teething.



Massaging the gums of your baby will ease the swelling and also pain and give them great relief. This can be done while your baby is sleeping or comfortably seated on your lap. Remember to be gentle as rough massaging can increase the pain and cause your baby to cry. Use gentle and soft pressure on the gums.



Giving your babies, rusks are known to be a simple and healthy way to keep them occupied and free from teething troubles. Rusks are crunchy and tasty and the sheer fun that babies have by biting on them will keep them busy. As they are not too hard, they can easily be eaten by babies without any choking hazard.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.