Home Remedies For Miagrains

Home Remedies For MiagrainsMigraines are a special type of headache that usually does occur on only one side of the head. It is caused due to the extreme mental and physical stress. It is also affected due to the irregularities of the digestive system, eyes and liver. It is very debilitating for the sufferer and cause sensitivity to light, nausea, vomiting and painful headache.

Home Remedies to Get Cure From Migraines

Use of Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood powder can be used to get relief from migraine. It can be mixed with some drops of water and a paste is formed. Apply this on your head. Wait for some time until it becomes dry. After it gets dry then remove it from your head. Then, add 2-3 drops of water in it, and make a paste from it. Use this paste on your forehead and allow it to dry. After it gets dry, rub it off using your hand and then wash it.

Consume Soda

Generally extraction of caffeine also causes migraine headache. Thus, on drinking a bottle of soda regularly can result to diminish and eliminate the headache completely. Artificial sweetener is also the cause of migraines, so it is better to avoid the sugar completely in order to get relief as soon as possible.

Eat Grapes Daily

Remedies For Miagrains

One could also prefer to consume grapes regularly. To do such, take a full cup of fresh grapes, which is completely ripe and just grind it in the blender. Take care that the water should not be added to this. It should be consumed daily to have better result.

Use of Cabbage

One can also prefer to crush a handful of leaves of cabbage, and then place the ground mixture in the mass of cotton cloth and then subject it over the forehead portion for about half an hour. Do replace the existing one with the fresh one, when the leaves get completely dried out.

Apply Cold Over Eyes

The sufferer could also prefer to apply cold over the eyes, base and temples of skull. For this you just need to freeze a towel, which is quite damp and let it freeze well until it begins to get stiffed. Now, you can apply this over the temples and eyes. One can also subject it behind the neck and lie down in a quiet place. Refreeze the towel whenever required and follow the same instruction again and again.

Use Lemon

migraines natural remedy

The sufferer can also use crust or even peel some lemons and grind it in a blender. Now it could be applied over the forehead region. It has been proved to be one of the most effective remedies to get relief from migraines.

Mixed Juice (carrot & cucumber/ spinach/ beet)

You could also choose to drink carrot juice mixed with cucumber juice or spinach juice or even beet juice too, to reduce the effects of migraines.

Use of fruits

Migraine headache can be cured with help of some fruits like grapes and apples. Take some grapes and make juice of them and drink the juice, but do not add water to it. Also, try to take as much vitamin food as possible like vitamin B3 is very useful to get relief from migraine.

Vitamin b3 also called as niacin can be obtained from different sources such as fish, rice, wheat liver of any animal, paprika, peanuts, chicken etc, and from fruits like mango, banana, tomato etc. The other technique is the regular intake of garlic in your diet. Garlic helps in getting recovery from migraines so take garlic with food.

Use of Carrot

migraines natural treatments

Vegetables like Carrot are another alternative carrot is rich in vitamins and proteins. Firstly, make juice of carrot and mix it with other juice it can be of anything. It will definitely help you in getting relief from migraines.

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Use of EPO

Evening primrose oil (EPO), better known as Oenothera, is nothing but a herbaceous flower plant; applying this oil on your forehead will definitely help you from migraine.

Use of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is said to be very effective in the treatment of migraines. However acupuncture appear more effective with fewer adverse effects than drug treatment or Chiropractic manipulation, or physiotherapy or massage and also relaxation might be effective in the prevention of migraine headaches

Other Home Remedies and Activity to Cure Migraine

The other home remedies for curing migraine are to rub ice gently on your head and rest for some time. The other is to relax even in tough situations and extreme conditions don’t be angry as it will increase the migraine pain, and use relaxation techniques once it has started.

Lying Down in Dark Room

One of the most simple and easy effective treatment for migraines is just by sitting in a dark and quiet room. This really effects better because of the sensitivity of migraines towards light and sound and of course movement.

Cure Migraine

Try to sleep as much more as possible as it is the most simple and effective way to cure migraine. Try to avoid cheesy foods so overall live a healthy life with regular intakes of fluids exercises and sleep will prevent migraine pain.

Hot And Cold Remedies

The sufferer should prefer to take a foot bath in warm water or even can subject a hot compression over the spine and stomach. One could also use the plastic bags of ice and cove it in a towel. Now subject it over the forehead to get relief. Ice helps to relief due to its vasoconstrictive nature which helps in contracting the blood vessels in the ending of the nerve.
Be healthy

If you want to avoid migraine, then avoid direct rays of sunlight; smoking and also drinking alcohol, as all these can increase migraine. Although migraines patients are given advice not to do aerobic exercises they can actually do little exercises at gym this can help them a lot. Do mind exercises play puzzles and mind games try to focus your mind at one direction like Arjun’s bow, it will help you to get cured from migraine soon.

You can also do yoga regularly. Lastly, it is advisable not to consume tobacco or smoke cigarettes who are suffering from migraines as it will make their pain more severe so try to avoid these things if you want to get cured from migraines. If you keep consuming tobacco and alcohols it will not help you getting cured from migraines even if you are undergoing migraine treatment.

Do Massage

Stress is the major cause of causing migraines. In order to get relief of the tense in the muscles; one could prefer to do a regular gentle massage over the affected portion of the body. It also helps in reducing the pain caused by the migraines.

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