5 Home Remedies For Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a normal harmless condition of the skin which is caused by the proliferation of melanin. Melanin is a substance that imparts color to the skin and is produced by melanocytes which are found under the skin. When the skin is over exposed to the sun, melanin absorbs the harmful ultra violet rays to protect the skin but in doing so, it causes dark patches to appear on the skin.


Hyperpigmentation is also caused by hormonal changes, sun damage, acne, skin injuries and skin diseases and age. As age advances, the production of melanin decreases to a marked degree and the little amounts that are present under the skin are unable to fight the ultraviolet rays.The dark patches usually occur on the face and the back of the hands but can also occur on other parts of the body that are consistently exposed to the sun. Try these simple, inexpensive and safe methods to deal with the problem.

Tips To Cure Hyperpigmentatin Naturally

Orange Peel

For ages the rind of oranges has been used to aid and enhance beauty. Dry the peel in the sun and when it is thoroughly dry, grind to a fine powder and store. Make a paste with a little water and apply on all the dark patches. Keep it for half an hour then rinse with warm water. Your skin will become clean, smooth and soft and the dark spots will begin to lighten with constant use.

Orange Peel


Besan cleans the skin thoroughly and removes all the harmful elements from it. Take four teaspoons of besan and mix with half teaspoon of lime juice and some milk to form a paste.

Apply the paste on all the darkened areas and leave to dry. After half an hour take off the paste by rubbing it vigorously and rinse with warm water. Use this remedy twice a day until the patches disappear.


Tomato Pulp

Tomato pulp is another inexpensive and cheap way of dealing with the dark spots and patches. Tomato pulp keeps the skin cool and moisturized. Its astringent and antiseptic properties heal the damaged tissues and brighten the skin. Grate one tomato and add a few drops of lime juice to the pulp. Apply on the face, neck and hands and rub gently to allow the juice to permeate the skin. Let it dry on the skin then rinse with warm water.


Pomegranate Peel

Pomegranate peel is very beneficial for the skin. You should collect the peels instead of throwing them away and dry them in the sun. When they are absolutely dry, grind them and store the powder.

Pomegranate peels have great antioxidant properties. Make a paste with a little milk and apply on the face and other darkened areas. Rub the paste with a circular motion for sometime. Leave it to dry. Wash off with water. Your skin will feel clean and light and will be infused with a soft glow.


Raw Potatoes

Raw potatoes have detoxifying, soothing and healing qualities. It bleaches the skin naturally and precipitates depigmentation. Grate one big raw potato and extract the juice by squeezing the pulp. Smear the juice all over the spots and patches. Apply daily till the spots fade away.

Potato Slices

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.