Home Remedies For Gas

Formation GasFormation of gas is a common problem nowadays. Consumption of oily and junk food, food prepared under unhygienic conditions, irregular eating habits, tension and stress, lack of body movement/physical exercise and so on can all result in gas formation. Further, excessive gas can result from stomach infection. Consumption of certain types of foods such as milk products, onions, potatoes, corn and so on can also result in excessive gas.

Therefore, it is important for every individual to maintain healthy lifestyle and include proper food items in the diet.Consumption of medicines can also result in gas formation. Other causes of gas formation can be quick consumption of food, smoking, consumption of refrigerated items and so on. An individual can easily observe the reason for gas formation by changing his/her eating habits. Further, there are various home remedies to deal with the problem of gas. However, if the problem of gas persists for long, it is advisable to consult a specialist and obtain proper treatment.

Home Remedies for Gas

Drink Aloe Vera Juice

One of the most effective remedies to deal with the problem of gas is consumption of aloe vera juice. It is generally advisable to drink aloe vera juice empty stomach in the morning. Aloe vera juice can be easily extracted from aloe vera leaves.

Home Remedy For Gas

Aloe vera juice can also be purchased from the market and consumed as prescribed on the juice bottle. It is interesting to note that sugar free aloe vera juice is also available in the market nowadays.

Drink Water

Another simple and effective home remedy to treat gas problem is consumption of water on regular basis (8 – 10 glasses daily). Consumption of lukewarm water after every meal can give better results.

Exercise Regularly

A quick walk in the morning (empty stomach) can also help an individual in dealing with the problem of gas. Consumption of excessive food and lack of physical movement can affect the digestion system of the individual.

Exercise For Relief Gas

It is generally advisable to walk for 10 -15 minutes at night after the meal in order to improve digestion process.

If possible, an individual can also learn yoga to reduce gas formation. Some of the yoga poses to deal with gas problem include boat pose, child pose, cobra pose and wind-relieving pose. It is important to remember that while some of the yoga poses are easy to practice, other yoga poses should initially be performed under the supervision of yoga instructor only.

Consume Ginger

Ginger can also be used as a home remedy to deal with the problem of gas. Consumption of ginger tea after meal can also give desired results. Ginger can also be included in various food items in case it is not possible to consume raw ginger. Ginger soup is another remedy for treating gas problem.

Chew/Use Peppermint

An individual can also chew peppermint leaves after every meal in order to deal with the problem of gas.

Diet for Treat Gas

Tea prepared with the use of peppermint leaves can also reduce the problem of gas.

Eat Yogurt

Consumption of yogurt can also give relief from the problem of gas to an individual. Yogurt can be consumed separately or with meals. It is advisable to consume homemade yogurt in order to obtain better results.

Drink Coconut Water

Regular intake of coconut water can also give the desired results. Many individuals prefer to drink coconut water early in the morning after doing some basic exercise (such as morning walk).

Gas Remedy

Coconut water has a cooling effect and can reduce the problem of gas formation.

Chew Fennel Seeds

An individual can also chew fennel seeds to treat gas problem. In order to obtain best results, it is advisable to chew fennel seeds only after having the meal.

Drink Lemon Water

An individual can also drink a mix of lemon juice, water and salt to deal with the problem of gas.

Diet For Remove Gas

It is generally preferable to use black salt while preparing this drink. Another possible alternative is to add honey to this mix.

Drink Tea

An individual can also drink tea without milk to overcome gas problem. It is generally advisable to drink mint or cinnamon tea to obtain best results.

Eat Food Slowly

Many individuals have a habit of eating food very quickly. It is advisable to eat the food slowly. This helps in ensuring that too much air is not swallowed at the time of eating of food. It is important to note that swallowing excessive air can result in gas formation.

Consume Garlic

Garlic can be used as another homer remedy for gas problem. Consumption of garlic with lukewarm water can give desired results.

Home Remedies For Gas

Garlic can also be used as a component in the preparation of food items. Another alternative is to consume garlic soup on a regular basis.

Reduce Tension and Stress

Excessive tension can also result in formation of gas. It is important for the individual to relax and meditate on a regular basis to deal with gas problem. A simple lifestyle with good eating habits can easily help any individual in treating stomach related problems including gas.

Chew Coriander Seeds

Consumption of coriander seeds can be considered as another home remedy for gas.

Natural Remedy For Gas

In order to obtain best results, an individual should not directly swallow the seeds. Rather, he/she should try to chew the seeds.

Chew Celery Seeds

An individual can also eat celery seeds to obtain desired results. Again, celery seeds should not be directly swallowed by the individual. Chewing celery seeds can give better results.

Consume Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

It is generally advisable to consume fresh fruits and vegetables (in comparison to refrigerated food items). Further, consumption of refrigerated juices on regular basis should be avoided.

Remedy Gas

Even though gas formation is a commonly found problem, it is advisable to get this problem treated as early as possible.

Home remedies mentioned above may not give effective results in case of an individual suffering from acute gas problem. Further, some of the home remedies may not work for all the individuals. Changes in eating habits should be made only after consulting a dietician.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.