Home Remedies For Foot And Ankle Swelling

Swelling in the feet and the ankles is a common occurrence especially if you have been sitting or standing for many hours at a stretch. The muscles in the feet incur excessive fluid accumulation due to poor blood circulation. The fluid buildup brings a rapid increase in the weight and pressure and this results in swelling in the feet, calves and ankles. The swelling can be accompanied by pain and numbness and can make walking difficult and arduous.

Foot And Ankle Swelling Diseases of the joints, pregnancy, injuries and fractures, stress, kidney problems, high uric acid in the body and nervous problems can also contribute to swelling in the feet and ankles. Women can experience swelling due to birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy or due to the monthly menstrual cycle. Antidepressants, steroids and blood pressure medicines also cause swelling in the feet and ankles.

Best Home Remedies For Foot And Ankle Swelling

Cold Water

Fill a buck with cold water. If the water is not sufficiently cold, add some ice cubes to it to chill it. Soak your ankles and feet for about twenty minutes. The chillness reduces the inflammation and brings relief in the pain and swelling. Use this soak as often as possible to ease your tired and swollen feet.

Cold Water

Mustard Oil

Warm some mustard oil and massage your ankles and feet with it for fifteen minutes. Massage with a circular motion. The warming and anti-inflammatory properties of mustard oil will stimulate the blood circulation and will disperse the accumulated fluid. The swelling will abate and the pain also will go away. Mustard oil will also improve the health of the blood vessels and keep the joints and muscles well toned and in good shape. Massage two or three times daily. Mustard Oil

Salt Water

Fill a bucket with warm water and add three teaspoons of salt to it. Soak your swollen feet in this solution for half an hour. Salt has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which will bring down the swelling instantly. It will also remove the feeling of fatigue and weariness and make you feel revived.

Espon Salt

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Take some apple cider vinegar and massage your feet and ankles with it for ten minutes. Also take equal quantities of warm water and apple cider vinegar and pour it into a bucket. Soak your ankles and feet in it for twenty minutes. The anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar will soon alleviate the swelling and will bring relief in the pain and numbness. If your swelling is due to high levels of uric acid then mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and drink twice daily. The alkaline properties of the vinegar will neutralize the uric acid.

Apple Cider Vineger


Put to boil one liter of water and add three teaspoons of coriander seeds to it. Simmer on a low heat for five minutes then turn off the heat. When the water is at a bearable temperature soak your feet into it till it turns tepid. This is a very good home remedy for swollen feet and ankles. Use this soak twice daily.

Coriander Seeds

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