Home Remedies For Edema

Edema which was previously referred to as dropsy is a swelling, which is caused due to water retention in the body or under the skin. Several reasons can be attributed to edema and it can appear in various parts of the body.


Whilst mild to moderate cases of edema can be easily treated at home, severe cases of edema can be life threatening and require medical attention without fail. Here are some wonderful remedies that can be employed at home for treating edema. In case the symptoms persist, make sure to visit the doctor for further treatment.

Tips To Treat Edema Naturally

Dandelion Tea

Replete with several minerals and vitamins, dandelion is also a natural diuretic, which helps in the removal of excess water in the body and reduce the symptoms of edema. For making dandelion tea, take a teaspoon of fresh dandelion and add this to a glass of boiling water. Steep for ten minutes. This can be cooled and taken for treating edema effectively. Do it twice daily until the edema subsides.

Dandelion Tea


Cucumber is full of water and this will encourage urination and hence great for reducing the swelling associated with edema.Cucumber has many medicinal properties as well and also helps in the flushing of toxins from the body, thereby cleansing the kidneys and encouraging better elimination of waste materials. This will help in reducing the edema and also prevention. Take two cucumbers a day for best results.


Comfrey And Coltsfoot

A poultice prepared from comfrey and coltsfoot are known to reduce edema when it is applied on the affected spot. Take four cups of water and boil it. Remove from the stove and add two teaspoons each of coltsfoot and comfrey. This has to be steeped for five minutes before using it. Strain the herbal water and use a cotton towel for soaking and applying on the affected part of the body. Continue application for twenty minutes each session and repeat thrice a day.


Elevate The Area

Elevating the affected area helps in reducing the edema and also in removing the water from the system. The area must be kept elevated in such a manner that it should be above heart level. Keep in this position for at least half an hour. Doing this for three to four times a day will drain the trapped water towards the heart and bring down the swelling as well, as the fluid is encouraged to flow in the direction of the heart.

Feet Elevation

Massage Therapy

Massaging the swollen area will also encourage the release of trapped fluids and reduce the edema. Start massaging the area gently with slight pressure. Continue for fifteen minutes each session. While you do this, make sure that you massage in a direction towards the heart.

This will encourage the flow of the trapped fluid towards the heart and remove the edema from the body. Massaging is also a good way to increase blood circulation to the area and hence will benefit those who have edema that is related to lack of proper circulation.

Foot Massage


Exercising is a good way to prevent all kinds of edema. While you have edema, exercise will help in directing the excess fluids towards the heart and reduce the condition. Any form of exercise like walking, running etc. can help. Swimming is an especially good form of exercise for people suffering from edema as the water pressure in the swimming pool will help in forcing the fluid into the bladder. Talk to your doctor about the safety of this exercise depending on which part of the body you have edema.

Stretching exercise

Compression Stockings

Any kind of compression gear will help in removing the trapped fluid from the area of edema and hence greatly effective. Use compression gear like compression stockings, compression gloves or special compression sleeves based on your requirement. Again, this must be done only after consultation with your doctor and after thorough assessing as to what kind of edema you have.

Compression Stockings


Anything that will encourage urination will help when you have edema. This will cause the water and the toxins to be flushed out of your system and hence needed. The best and simplest method of flushing out toxins and trapped liquid is to drink plenty of water.

Water will encourage urination and all the toxic waste too will be removed from the body along with the increased urination. Drinking water will also aid the kidneys to flush out excess water and salts which too could be the cause of edema.

Drink More Water

Flax Seeds

Consumption of flax seeds are known to relieve edema of all kinds. Being anti inflammatory in nature and replete with a number of medicinal and antioxidant properties, flax seeds can be crushed and taken along with salads or flax seed oil can be used in salads or the food that you eat.

Flax Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are great for relieving swelling in the body and also aid in the release of trapped fluid. For preparing a solution replete with the goodness of mustard seeds, take adequate amounts of mustard seeds and soften them by soaking them in hot water. Stir the seeds for ten minutes. This water can be used for soaking the affected part for about half an hour every day. You can also use a cotton cloth for soaking and applying on the affected part.

Mustard Seeds

Ice Compress

Application of an ice compress on the affected area for fifteen to twenty minutes a session will help reduce the enema. Take ice cubes and wrap in a thin cotton cloth before application.

Leave it for fifteen minutes and apply every hour depending in how bad the edema is. Application of ice cubes will also help in numbing the pain if you have pain along with the edema.

ice cubes

Lie Down

Lying down for at least twelve hours a day with the swollen body part elevated higher than the other part help in lymphatic drainage. Use pillows for propping the affected part and ensure that you lie down in order to stimulate the lymphatic drainage.

Lying down

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.