5 Herbal Remedies For Nasal Polyps

 Nasal Polyps

Polyps are basically small benign growths arising from the mucous membrane. They are very common appearing substances and are generally found in the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity. Originally being the size of a tear drop, they can even expand to the size of a mature grape fruit.

They are caused due to many different agents. Nasal polyps can be caused due to the pollen grains causing hay fever, inflammation of the sinuses due to asthma, recurring infection or any sort of airborne allergies. They don’t usually pose any sort of problem while they are small but for inflammation they are a different being all together. They cause difficulty in breathing, chronic sinus infections, dull headache, pain in the face, obstructive sleep apnoea, etc. Hence, nasal polyps should be treated immediately. And guess what, you can treat them at home without going to the doctors! Here are some of the best herbs you can use to treat your nose polyp at home.

5 Best Herbal Remedies For Nasal Polyps

Horseradish(Armorasia Rusticana)

Horseradish is a very strong herb that is being used for treating many different forms of anomalies throughout the century. Because of its strong flavor, it successfully clears out nasal passageway and anything that is obstructing the respiratory tract.


Mix 2 cups of thick honey with 200 grams of shredded horseradish and consume about one tablespoon of the mixture. Take it every morning and night for a few days until the polyp disappears.

Cayenne (Capsicum Annum)

Cayenne is a species of red chili pepper that is largely found throughout North and South America. A chemical known as capsaicin is found in the pepper and is largely responsible for anti-pain and styptic action.


It needs to be grated and then diluted with water as it may cause irritation. Then you need to spray it directly into the nasal opening for maximum benefit.

Magnolia (Magnolia Officinalis)

Magnolia is a deciduous tree found abundant in the Chinese terrain. The bark and the flower of this tree is extensively used to treat nasal polyp as it helps in dispersal of pathogenic winds and in turn clear nasal passage.


It works as an astringent and thus protects the mucous membrane by eliminating any foreign build up on it. There are lot of ways to use it, like turning the ingredients into a paste and applying it once a day.

Eyebright(Euphrasia Officinalis)

Eyebright is a traditional herb that treats eye problems. However, the aerial part of the herb is an excellent polyp remover. It largely contains tannins, phenolic acids and iridoid glycosides that are responsible for the shrinkage of polyps.


Apply it on the polyp regularly so you see a considerable amount of shrinkage within a week. The herb contains antibacterial properties and the glycosides help in inflammation reduction.

Hay Flower

Hay Flower is an excellent herb that is used largely for pain reduction and anti-infection treatments. Make a strong infusion with the flowers and drink it regularly before going to sleep.

Hay Flower

You can also inhale the stem infusion of hay flower regularly for better effect.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.