Herbal Remedies For Lyme Disease

Herbal remedies For Lyme diseaseLyme disorder is a tick-borne malady and these days it is the fastest growing inflectional disease. Numerous herbal remedies are there to cure this ailment.

Moreover, herbs are highly effective and leave positive results promptly. However, most of the herbal ingredients are available at home only, so herbal treatment is convenient too.

Highly effective Remedies for Lyme Disease

Flax-seed Herbal Oil

Flax-seed oil is one of the highest sources of omega-3 necessary fatty acids, and it is highly significant to cure Lyme disorder. As vitamin C helps to improve immune system, similarly omega-3 fatty acids also make the immune system strong.  Consumption of three to six tablespoons of flax-seed oil in a day helps to heal Lyme disease efficiently.

Aloe Vera

Remedies For Lyme disease

Aloe Vera is the traditional herb to cure infectious diseases. Aloe Vera juice effectively fights with infection in the human body, and its consumption also improves the metabolic system of the human body.It can remove poison from your body by detoxicating  it, and is crucial to cure the ailment.


It is the most available herb to cure Lyme disorder and can be found in your home easily. It fights off with the infection to alleviate Lyme disease and also makes the immune system stronger. Its consumption rebuffs Candida. Consuming two or three cloves daily is sufficient to get rid of this illness. Raw cloves of garlic can be chopped into small pieces, and you can take them with the glass of water. Little bit irritation can be felt if garlic is taken with vacate stomach.

Olive leaf extract

Infusion of Olive leaf is an effective natural antibiotic, and it is also helpful in healing Lyme disorder. The extract of olive leaf contains highly effective antibacterial and antiviral properties. Along with curing Lyme disease it also fights off with other viral and bacterial infections.


Echinacea treats this illness with its strong healing properties. It is very effective in curing bacterial and viral infections. Moreover, white cell potential can be induced with its consumption, which helps to attack pathogens in the body.

Lyme disease

To fight off infection in the body and to make the immune system strong Echinacea works efficiently. You can take this herb in the form of tinctures or teas.


Cumanda is another effective herb, and it comes up from the area of the Amazon basin, and it springs up from the bark of the tree called Campsiandra. It kills Borrelia effectively and also cures many other co-infections allied with Lyme disorder.  Bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites can be killed with its consumption. Being an anti-inflammatory and analgesic it also helps for pain and inflammation. Additionally, the immune system of the body can strengthen with its intake.

Wild oil of Oregano Herb

Intake around three drops of oregano oil; gradually, and you can increase it up to 10 drops twice in a day along with the grapefruit seeds extract for the best die off.

Lyme disease

The oregano defeats the active form of Lyme & Bartonella, and the infusion of grapefruit seed defeats the cystic form of Lyme.


Quina comes from the Andes and springs up from a shrub with flowering blooms. This herb has the capability as very few herbs have to cross the blood-brain barrier. This is needful and could be very helpful in curing Lyme disease. It contains antibiotic properties and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Quina is the main ingredient, which is used to produce a famous drug “Quinine,” an effective medicine used to treat malaria too.

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