Herbal Remedies For Cataract

Cataract cureWhen aged deceased tissues get accumulated in the eyes, the eye lenses get dark with the development of cataracts. This causes blurry perspective. There are various types of treatments and techniques like operations to remove cataracts from the sight, also there are few herbs for cataracts.

Better and the safe way to treat a cataract is with use of herbal solutions. Herbal remedies cannot treat cataracts, but they slow down the progress of the disease and also revert some of the damage. Here are the most effective herbal remedies that are used to cure cataracts naturally.

Tips To Cure Cataract Naturally

Brazil Nut And Rosemary

Rosemary, an antioxidant rich and made up of four types of substances that fight cataracts, is one of the excellent natural remedies for cataract. This plant can be useful in almost all recipes, such as potatoes and chickens.

Brazil nuts that contain selenium and vitamin E that energizes the antioxidant properties of vitamins are valuable for selenium deficient cataract sufferers. It helps to slow down the development of cataracts and also avoid the repeat occurrence.

Mint And Carrot

Cure mint and carrot

Mint tea is said to be effective for decreasing the risk of cataract development and also helps to decrease stress in common. Carrots are full of carotenoids that are responsible for its red color and also aid in avoidance of cataracts with melanoma and heart problems. It has been proven that a daily amount of 50 mgs of carrots can significantly lower the possibilities of developing cataracts.


Take onions consistently with daily foods or in soups can significantly reduce the progress of the disease. A wealthy source of the material quercetin is known to be specifically valuable for battling cataracts in diabetics; the red onion is the best natural cataract treatment.


Cure cataract

Garlic is also used for cataract avoidance and its treatment. Take a sufficient amount of garlic oil in daily food, in soups or any salads. Garlic cloves or juice, taken in a raw form improve cataract circumstances too.


Consume Wheat grass juice or take a Wheat grass supplement daily. Wheat grass was confirmed to reverse the damage of cataracts in pets and is lately being analyzed for its ability to improve cataracts in human beings.

Ginger And Caper

The capers are used in treatment of cataracts because of their component aldose reeducates inhibitors. They are efficient cataract avoidance ingredients. Try to eat much of capers in your meals.

Cure cataract

Cinnamon is a wealthy anti oxidizing and storage of anti-inflammatory ingredients, which is another efficient natural remedy for cataracts. You can have it in raw form or cooked in your foods for reducing the progress of cataract and also to avoid it completely.


Turmeric root extract is beneficial for treating cataracts because it is a wealthy resource of essential natural vitamins, carotenoids and anti-oxidants. Use this in high quantities while you prepare foods.

Purslane is full of almost all substances like natural vitamins C and E, carotenoids and anti-oxidants like glutathione, which also aids in cataract avoidance. You can start using these above tips and see the positive result within few days.

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Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.