Herbal Remedies For Beri Beri

beriberiBeriberi is a cluster of symptoms caused by the deficit of Vitamin B1 in our bodies. The typical symptoms of beriberi include weight loss, weakness and fatigue, pain in limbs, emotional disturbance and impaired sensory perceptions. It may also cause irregular heart rate and increase the amount of lactic and pyruvic acid in the blood. In advanced stages, beriberi may also cause cardiac failure and death.

Beriberi is divided into three classes; dry, wet and infantile beriberi. Dry beriberi affects the nervous system, wet beriberi affects the cardiovascular system and infantile beriberi affects children of malnourished mothers. Herbal treatment can prove to have a beneficial effect if you are suffering from beriberi. The different herbal remedies that you can resort to are given here:

Remedies For Beri Beri

Wheat Germ

Beriberi is caused due to Vitamin B1 which hampers the entire metabolism in your body. The staple food for Asians is rice and polished rice lacks Vitamin B1, because the “pericarp” is removed which is Vitamin B1 rich. This in turn leads to beriberi.

Wheat Germ

A natural solution to this problem is wheat germ or wheat cereal which is nutritious food of dry floury consistency, consisting of extracted embryos of grains of wheat. Wheat germ is rich in Vitamin B1 and thus helps to cure beriberi. Boil 120gm of wheat germ in a cup measure of milk and drink it once daily for a month to get a cure from beriberi.

Ji Ming San (Cock’s Crow; Areca seed and Chaenomeles powder)

The deficiency of thiamine or Vitamin B1 is the cause of beriberi and this Chinese herb is rich in thiamine. A major symptom of beriberi is cold lower limbs. This herb drains damp turbidity, warms damp cold and transforms damp cold.

For desired results, consume 30gm of this herb in coarse powder form in empty stomach every morning. You can reduce the dose gradually as you get benefited. Continue this for a month to get results.

Dang Gui Shao Yao San (Tangkuei and Peony powder)

Another traditional Chinese herb noted for its beriberi reducing abilities. It is rich in thiamine, this herb treats beriberi by transforming dampness and draining dampness.

Dang Gui Shao Yao San

This Chinese herb is available in capsule form to get effective results, take 8-12 pills daily, half to one hour before food and in severe cases the dosage maybe increased by 50% for the first two to four weeks. Consume the capsules for one to three months for best results.


Yet another source of Vitamin B1, alagau is an herb found only in Philippines. Alagau leaves are used for relieving phlegm and cough and so prevent liver beriberi. It acts as a carminative, parasiticide, sudorific and pectoral.

It is one of the great medicinal herbs of Philippine. To prevent beriberi boil three four leaves of alagau and drink it as tea twice a day after meals. Continue this dosage for about a month and you will get results.

Ginger Water

This perennial herb is a fantastic cure for beriberi. It is rich in thiamine, ginger water will help you get rid of beriberi. Take ginger slices and salt and mix them well. Boil them in water.


Drain the liquid once the boiling is done and use the boiled liquid to have a foot bath. Continue taking this foot bath regularly and you will experience a steady decline in the lower limb pain and dampness.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.