Get Rid Of Hickies With Simple Natural Remedies


Get Rid Of Hickies With Simple Natural Remedies

Hickies, commonly termed as love bites, are a kind of bruise which appears like red markings. Kissing or sucking on your neck and other parts of your body by your partner while making love results in breaking of blood capillaries beneath the skin.

This leads to appearance of hickies which are really mortifying for us. Normally hickies are harmless and they last for four to ten days. Here are some quick home cures to get rid of the embarrassing problems of hickies.

Natural Remedies For Hickies

Using an ice pack is the best method to cure hickies. Hold an ice cube against the markings for about 5 minutes. You can use a spoon to hold the ice cube which is helpful in curing the problem very easily.

Keep a steel spoon in freezer for some time and hold the cooled spoon over the hickies for about 5 minutes. This will help in curing the problem within 10 minutes. This is one of the commonly followed remedies in the case of hickies.

Eye drops are also found to be effective in removing the redness of skin. Applying a few drops of eye drops over the hickies can help in removing the blood capillaries from beneath the skin. You can wash off the applied eye drops after 10 minutes using cold water.

You can rub over the hickies very softly using a toothbrush or a hair comb for about five minutes. This is found to work efficiently in reducing the redness. Warm compresses are also helpful in curing the problem. You can apply warm tea bags over the hickies for about 5 minutes which is very effective in reducing the redness and swellings.

Peppermint is also beneficial in increasing blood circulation. A little of grounded peppermint can be applied over the hickies for a few minutes. Aloe vera is also useful in curing the problem. You can also apply a layer of aloe vera gel over the hickies which is valuable in curing the same at faster rate.

Rubbing over the hickies using olive oil or almond oil can be regarded as an effective way to cure the embarrassing problem of hickies. Applying a little of toothpaste can help in providing a cooling effect to the affected areas of skin and hence can help in dropping the redness.

Objects like cap of a pen or lipstick can be used to apply pressure over the hickies. This is beneficial in removing them very easily. You can twist the dome shaped object after pressing over the hickies to get a better result. Probably this will hurt a little, but can help in healing the problem.

Hiding the hickies can also help in stopping the embarrassment due to the same. You can wear proper clothing which will help in covering the hickies. Scarf, turtleneck top, collared shirts etc. can be worn in order to hide the hickies from others.

Using lip balm and lip gloss can be helpful in hiding hickies on lips. For painful hickies, having a pain killer and using healing creams can help in relieving from the same.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.