Get Rid Of Halitosis With Safe Natural Solutions

No one needs an introduction to halitosis or smelly breath. It is definitely not life threatening. Nevertheless, it can threaten a lot other factors that are as important in your life like your overall success and personal interactions. People suffering from halitosis are mostly oblivious of their condition unless someone specifically signals them or avoids them purposely.

Halitosis can be a serious disorder when you put together all its bad effects and consider the repercussions that it may have in your life. Most of us believe that halitosis could be due to ill maintained teeth. But the truth is that it can be due to a number of other factors as well. Disorders of the respiratory tract can cause halitosis. Dry mouth syndrome, smoking, not taking food at proper time, diseases of the gums and diet can also be the cause for severe halitosis.

If you are shunned individual due to halitosis, never mind the accusations. We surely have the right remedies put together here for you to swing back to action and surprise your peers with a fresh and clean smelling mouth always…

Natural Cures for Halitosis

1. Use of Fenugreek for Treating Halitosis

One of the most effective home remedies that has been tried and tested by many a sufferer, fenugreek is easily available and is a constant fixture in every kitchen. Head to the kitchen and make this wonder tea that can remove halitosis in an instant. Take one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and boil it along with half litre of water. Let it simmer for about fifteen minutes until all the goodness of fenugreek has leaked into the water.

Strain the solution and drink it for great relief from this dreadful condition. Drink fenugreek tea twice or thrice a day. You can flavour it with honey or some other substance like cinnamon to remove its unpleasant taste.

2. Why Avocadoes for Halitosis?

Touted as one of the best quick remedies for halitosis, avocadoes can give results that put many a mouth wash to shame! Avocadoes have been gifted with the power to remove decaying matter from the intestines and prevent decomposition of food and waste matter in the intestines. Being one of the most common causes that triggers halitosis, taking care of decaying in the intestine will remove your long suffering problem of halitosis.

3. Gifted Guavas for Halitosis

This fruit that is crunchy to the core and gifted with many acids that can remove the decaying food particles and other matter from in between the teeth and areas in the mouth is indeed a great solution for people suffering from halitosis. You can chew on a guava fruit after every meal for removing halitosis completely.

Apart from removing halitosis, guavas can also be used for curing problems related to the gums and bleeding. Guava leaves too are good alternatives to the fruit for chewing and brushing your teeth.

4. The Abundant Power of Apples on Halitosis

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So apples can keep the dentist away too! Nothing time consuming or difficult about apple home remedy! All you need to do is to chew one rich and crunchy variety whenever you feel the need to bust halitosis and after meals. The fresh smell of apple and its astringent and antioxidant qualities can leave your teeth perfectly clean and devoid of plaque formation. Consume at least one per day.

5. Water, the Life Giving Force to Treat Halitosis

Some people have dryness of mouth which can trigger off halitosis. Just keeping your mouth well hydrated is all that you might need to stop halitosis. Many of us drink very little water, leaving our mouths thirsty for more. Dry mouths are great places where germs can build up their base. This will lead to other problems and infections of the body and intestine which could worsen your halitosis. Drink gallons of water, at least 2 litres everyday to keep the body and mind free of toxins.

6. Basil and Henna Leaves for Busting Halitosis

Basil and henna have many antibacterial properties and hence chewing them will offer not just the benefit of removing halitosis, but also helps in removing and preventing a number of common ailments that trouble human beings. Chewing basil leaves or henna leaves will kill all the bacteria in the stomach and prevent multiplication of germs in the mouth. After chewing the leaves of henna, the juice must be spitted out.

7. Mint Leaves too Can be Good for Halitosis

Mint mouthwashes are available in the market for removing the problem of halitosis. But you need not go after these market products. Grow them at home so that you can chew a few of them every time you feel the presence of halitosis.

Mint leaves a cool and refreshing taste in the mouth which lasts for a long time. Since mints leaves can instantly freshen up your mouth, it is a good idea to carry them with you and use them for special occasions where you are required to remain fresh smelling and confident.

8. Parsley and for Preventing Halitosis

Parsley is used for curing halitosis. Take few sprigs of parsley, coarsely cut and add it in two cups of boiling water. Steep it for 10 minutes and add a few crushed cloves along with it. Once it becomes cool, you can use it to freshen up your mouth and also for gargling your mouth frequently. This potent solution will keep the mouth fresh and clean for a long time.

9. Baking Soda for Bringing Halitosis Under Control

Another freshening remedy straight from the baker’s kitchen! Dip your toothbrush into baking soda and use this for brushing your teeth. This will prevent any bad breath from occurring as baking soda will leave the mouth free from germs. Alternately, you can use baking soda for washing your mouth in order to control halitosis. Take half teaspoon baking soda and add it to one glass of warm water.

Swish your mouth thoroughly after every meal and whenever you feel the need. Doing this will destroy the bacteria due to the oxygenation that takes place in the mouth.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.