Effective Tips On How To Prevent Razor Burn

Razor BurnFace irritation just after shaving? Nothing can be more frustrating than suffering from razor burns just after shaving. You can experience razor burns on any part of your body starting from your face, bikini line and armpits. These burns can make life very uncomfortable.

Often razor burns become infected. These burns can even become razor bumps in severe cases. Below are mentioned few tips by which you can prevent razor burns:-

Various Preventions For Razor Burn

Clean And Fresh Razors

Make sure that you clean your razor after every use. Hair build-up and other products in the blades can increase the chances of razor injury. So thoroughly remove all build ups from your razor before using it. These build ups can even lead to growth of bacteria on blades.

Bacteria and small particles accumulated between the blades of the razor can lead to razor burns when the razor is used. You can use alcohol to kill the bacteria accumulated on your razor. You can even clean it with products available in the market at inexpensive rates.


You will notice that old razors become very dull and bacteria gets accumulated the more you use them. Try changing your razors every 6 weeks or after 5 to 6 uses so that you don’t experience razor injuries. Old razors instead of cutting new hair, snags them which cause a lot of pain and irritation.

Storing Razor Blades

You should store your razors with its blade edges upwards. Make sure that you keep your blades dry. Bacteria grows faster on wet blades instead dry blades.

So dry all your brushes and blades after every use. You can use a towel to dry it completely before storing it. Taking proper care of your razor blades will also surely help you to prevent razor burns.

Using Shaving Gel

Dry shaving or shaving only with water is never recommended. Apply a coat of shaving gel in the area you want to shave.

Shaving Gel

But make sure that you do not use gels that might clog your pores. Using a proper gel will help you to remove your hair easily and in turn prevent razor burns.

Removing Hair When It’s Soft

Soft hair can be removed more easily than the hard one. So many find that the best time to get a shave done is just after a shower. You can even soften up your hair with the help of hot steam.

Rubbing your beard with some hair conditioner is also a nice idea to make it soft. Leave it for some time then rinse it off and see the results.

Shaving With The Grain

This involves shaving in the correct direction or in the direction in which your grain grows. It has been noticed that shaving against the grain can cause irritation and razor burns.

Shaving in right direction

Each person’s hair has its own growth pattern so make sure that you shave in the growth direction to avoid razor burns effectively.

Avoid Using Razors In The Same Area

Using razors in the same area is known to cause razor burns. Apply more lather in the area which you want to shave again but be cautious. If you cannot do it yourself, take the help of experts to prevent razor burns. Using razor in the same area can even cause rashes which can get infected with time.

Rinsing With Cold Water

After using razor, clean your body with cold water. You can even apply ice on the areas on which you have used razors to avoid razor burns. Cold water can help you to effectively close your pores and will even reduce all probabilities of any pesky whiskers.


You can even clean the area with facial wash containing tea tree oil. It is a natural antiseptic product which can be used to avoid razor injuries.

Try Shaving At night

Many researchers recommend to shave at night. After shaving in the morning you go out in the sun and work whole day and sweat. Sweating can increase the growth of bacteria.

So freshly shaved areas are more likely to experience razor burns. Shaving at night will prevent you from sweating and will even keep you away from the dust and dirt that you experience in the day time.

This is one of the easiest method to prevent razor injuries because you have to shave so it hardly matters whether you shave in the morning or at night.

Applying Moisturizers

After you have finished using razor on your body apply moisturisers on the areas from where you have removed hair. Soothing balms or moisturisers will make you feel fresh and reduce redness. Men should apply branded aftershaves just after a shave to feel refreshed and to prevent razor burns. You can get these moisturisers or balms easily in the market at affordable rates.

Remedies For Restless Leg Syndrome

Creams especially to cure or prevent razor burns are also available in the market but make sure that these products do not have any side effect. You can even use face wash with moisturizing ingredient to clean and moisturise the area where you are using the razor.

Try Using Natural Products

Natural products can also be used to prevent razor burns. These products are very effective and easily available in the market. You can apply Aloe Vera in the area where you use razor to soothe your irritated skin. Allow Aloe Vera to set for around 7 to 10 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water and pat it with a clean towel.

You can even use oatmeal mask as a very effective remedy for razor burns. If you are prone to skin burns then applying oatmeal mask can help you a lot. Mix the oatmeal with little milk and slowly dab it on your skin. Leave it for some time maximum for 10 minutes and then wash it with warm water.

Preventing razor burns is not a difficult task. The best way to get rid of these razor burns is to prevent them. So make sure that you follow the above mentioned tips to prevent any kind of razor injuries.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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