Effective Home Remedies For Menstruation Pain

Menstruation PainMenstruation Pain could be very demanding specially for working women. I could give you horrors if you have this pain right before your examination or an important meeting. It not only weakens you physically sometimes but also leaves you mentally very disturbed as you are confined to your bed for most of the day.

You get cramps inn your abdomen. Unless absolutely necessary it is not required to take antibiotics as there are many home remedies that you can do at home to get relief from these pains. In this article we bring to you a list of home remedies that you can easily follow at home.

Home Remedies For Menstruation Pain

Hot Water Bag Compress

This remedy has been followed since the days of our grandmothers. You need to pour water preferable mild hot in a rubber bag and place it over your abdomen. It will give relief from the cramps after some time.

Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves
You can take a few fresh leaves of basil and chew it to get the juice. This will provide some comfort from the menstruation pain as basil leaves are known to contain caffeic acid that has analgesic, or pain-killing properties. You can also prepare a mixture using thyme leaves, basil and one pint of water.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds have many properties one of which is relief from menstruation cramps. It provides better circulation to the ovaries. You can prepare a tonic using a few fresh fennel seeds. You need to make a powder by crushing it. Add this powder to boiling water and strain the solution. Cool it and sip it slowly.


This is a wonder herb. There are so many usages of ginger. It has anti spasmodic properties that make it effective in case of menstruation pain.


You can either chew fresh ginger slices or use it in your food. You can also put it in hot boiling water, drain the solution and take the syrup occasionally to get relief from the menstruation cramps.

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Few Natural Herbs

You can eat a few natural herbs such as Parsley, Cinnamon, Sesame seeds etc. These are easily available in most homes and will help in menstruation cramps.

Wild Yams

Wild yam is best known for fighting the cramps of menstruation. These yams contain acids that convert certain chemicals in to the female hormones known as estrogen and progesterone. Pain is caused when the levels of these hormones drop in your body. Eating yams will help in elevating this reduced level and also bring comfort to you.


Flaxseeds can help in getting relief from the painful uterine contractions. You need to eat two flaxseeds daily before your due date to reduce the levels of prostaglandin in your body that gives rise to the pain.

A Few Light Exercises

If you have cramps before your periods, you can do a few light exercises. You can lie on your back and fold your knees. Remain in this position for a few minutes. You can also walk around in your house.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.