Effective Home Remedies For Jaundice

Jaundice is one of the most usually affected liver diseases. Jaundice is not considered as a contagious disease but it should be treated well as this can be an indication to any of the underlying chronic ailments. Jaundice is a situation in which the overall skins turn yellow in color due to the excessive production of a bile pigment specifically bilirubin.

Symptoms Of Jaundice

Extreme weakness can be noticed in the person affected by jaundice. This is the most important symptom for jaundice. The patients suffering from jaundice may experience a severe headache along with high fever.

The person may also have a dull pain in the region of liver. This is another symptom for jaundice. The eyes, skin and urine may turn yellowish which is the most significant warning sign for jaundice. The infected person may also suffer from nausea and constipation.

Causes Of Jaundice

Any malfunctioning of the bile ducts can be reason behind the amplified production of bilirubin resulting in jaundice. Viral infection resulting in the inflammation of liver can be reason for the malfunctioning of bile ducts.

Certain diseases like malaria, typhoid, anemia etc. can also cause jaundice and is another cause for the disease. Use of some drugs can also result in jaundice.

Home Remedies For Jaundice

Bitter luffa is known to be very effective in the treatment of jaundice. Bitter luffa juice can be extracted by thrashing and squeezing two to three of them using a piece of cloth. This juice can be drawn through the nostrils of the patient which can help in removing the yellow colored liquid out of the nose. Bitter luffa seeds can be also used as an important remedy in the case of jaundice. Since bitter luffa is found to be a strong medicine, this can create may other side effects like migraine, dizziness etc.

Radish leaves are very valuable in healing jaundice. Freshly extracted juice of the radish leaves are found to be used as a remedy for jaundice. About 500 ml of this juice can be drunken everyday by an adult who is affected by this disease. This can help in providing a healthy appetite and bowel movements.

Tomatoes are proved to be another good home remedy in the case of jaundice. About 200 ml of freshly made tomato juice can be used as a medicine along with a small amount of salt and pepper. This is found to be beneficial in curing the ailment at a faster rate.

Basil leaves is an excellent medicine in curing jaundice. About a teaspoon of basil leaves paste can be mixed with a glass full of freshly prepared radish juice to make the concoction. This concoction can be consumed daily and can be continued for two to three weeks.

Leaves of snake gourd are one of the anciently used remedy for jaundice. About fifteen grams of snake gourd leaves can be cooked in about 250 ml of water to prepare a concoction. Another decoction can be prepared by cooking some coriander seeds in about two cups of water. About 30 ml of the mixture of these two decoctions can be taken once or twice daily as a part of the treatment. This is very valuable in curing the disease completely.

Pigeon pea leaves are considered to be very effective in the treatment of jaundice. About 60 ml of freshly extracted juice of pigeon pea leaves can be taken every day which is proved to be useful in curing jaundice.

Almonds along with some amounts of dehydrated dates as well as cardamoms can be considered as an important medicine for jaundice. About eight almond kernels and three each of cardamoms and dates should be soaked during the night. Remove the skins of almonds and seeds of dates.

Ground them together to prepare a paste. Some amounts of sugar and butter can be added to the mixture. This can be taken in small amounts a day and is found to be very effective in curing the disease.

Sugarcane is an excellent home remedy in the case of jaundice. About 200 ml of freshly prepared sugarcane juice and juice of half a lime can be mixed together. This mixture can be taken two to three times a day which is found to be very effective in curing jaundice.

Another important home remedy in the case of jaundice is lemon as this can be useful in repairing the damaged liver cells. About 20 to 30 ml of freshly prepared lemon juice can be given to the patient after diluting with water. This is proved to be advantageous in healing the disease at a faster rate.

Barley water is found to be valuable in the treatment of jaundice. About a cup of barley can be boiled in a liter of water for 5 minutes to prepare the drink. Barley water can be sipped several times a day as a part of the treatment for jaundice. This is one of the ancient remedy in the case of jaundice.

Jaundice berry is another home cure for jaundice. The bark of this herb can be grinded well to make a fine paste. About one teaspoon of this paste can be taken daily as a remedy for jaundice. Juice of the bark can be also considered valuable in curing jaundice and can be taken many times a day for better results.

Papaya leaves are very effective in curing jaundice. Five or six fresh leaves of papaya can be grounded to make a paste and a teaspoon of this paste can be mixed with a little of honey. This mixture can be taken several times a day and can be continued for about a week for the best results of the treatment.

Being rich in vitamin C, gooseberries are beneficial in the treatment for jaundice as vitamin C is essential for the patients suffering from the disease. Three to four gooseberries can be consumed daily for the best results of treatment.

Turmeric is also beneficial in curing jaundice. A bit of turmeric powder can be mixed well in a cup of water to prepare the decoction and this can be used daily as a part of the treatment.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.