Effective Home Remedies For Depression

home remedies for depression	Depression is a psychological physical condition disorder, where the patient feels totally puzzled from his or her life. Depression may change the mind state and opinion of the patient towards different things.

Depression is the result of too much of negativity that surrounds his or her thinking. If the depression condition is not treated in the earlier stage, it may result in suicidal attempt by the sufferer. Depression may be of various degrees, starting from slight sadness to complete misery.

Depression is an exceptionally unpleasant problem which is much more difficult to cure than a physical illness. Nowadays depression has become a very common problem due to modern life complexities, excessive mental stress in everyday life. Depression can not be fully controlled be man’s willpower, whereas by proper treatment like other disorders.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression can be identified by the loss of sharp sense, mysterious sadness, power loss, exhaustion, and lack of curiosity for world around and many more. Depression sufferer will have disturbed sleep frequently. A person suffering from depression may experience low appetite, overexcitement, irritation, vomiting, weakness and frigidity.

He patient will not be able to pay concentration in any thing and may suffer from constipation and body pain all over. Harsh depression may cause low blood pressure, lowering of body temperature, hot flushes and shaking. Impatience, sleepiness, loss of interest and cheerless feeling are some of the usual symptoms of depression.

Causes of depression

Depression may be caused due to various reasons in human body. One main reason is inheritance of depression. Change in the function and structure of the brain may cause depression problem in human. Excessive stress is responsible for psychological depression.

A person suffering from major diseases like cancer or heart diseases may suffer from depression problem. Disorder in the hormones of a person may lead to depression. If a person is going through a relationship conflict, he or she may suffer from depression. Person facing financial problem may suffer from depression difficulty. Irregularity in the menstrual cycle in women may also lead to depression.

Home Remedies for Depression

Consumption of an apple everyday is a great and valuable prevention for psychological depression. Apple is rich in phosphorus, potassium and vitamin B which are useful for glutamic acid formation. Glutamic acid is responsible for prevention of nerve cells from getting destroyed or damaged. It is more useful to have apple mixed with milk and honey.

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This preparation acts as a tonic for nerves and gives new life and energy into the nerves. Asparagus roots are effective treatment for depression control. It is used as a natural and herbal medicine for depression which is very nutritious in nature. The roots should be dried out and prepare its powder by the process of grinding. Consume one to two gram of this powder once in a day. It is a great tonic for nerves.

Intake of cashewnut is also good to reduce and control mental depression. It prevents weakness in the nervous system. Cashewnut is particularly rich in vitamin C, which is effective to stimulate the nervous system. Presence of riboflavin in cashewnut helps to stay a person energetic, active and joyful. You can use cardamom as depression remedy. Take the seeds of cardamom and grind it.

Boil the powder mixed with water and tea leaves in the general process. Drink the tea as medicine for depression, which has an excellent and unique aroma due to addition of cardamom. Use of lemon balm is believed to be one of the best remedy for mental depression. It will reduce the exhaustion of the brain; prevent the heart from feeling depressed along with lifting the strength.

Use of a cold mixture of balm freely, is excellent for feeling the nerves calm and steady. Take a half litre of water and add about 30 grams of this herb and keep the solution for about twelve hours without disturbing. The solution should be mixed properly and taken in small quantities in the whole day. Rose petals are also good for controlling depression.

Prepare a mixture of 15 gram rose petals with 20 ml of hot water. The solution may be taken often instead of tea or coffee, which is useful for depression control. Diet practice is another very important reason for mental depression prevention. It is essential to eat food that is rich in vitamin B such as vegetables, eggs, fish and wheatgrains.

A mixture of nutmeg powder with juice of amla is an excellent remedy for depression. Take one tablespoon of amla juice and add 1/8th teaspoon of nutmeg powder. Consume this mixture as depression prevention. Another useful drink for depression is a mixture of tea, tulsi and sage. Prepare a tea mixed with half teaspoon of sage, ¼ teaspoon of tulsi and one cup of hot water.

home remedies for depression

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Drink the tea for two times a day, which will help to control mental depression. Meditation and recreation therapies are some other natural remedies for depression. Intake of garlic is helpful for lifting the depressed frame of mind and the patient may feel better. Consumption of banana can reduce depression, as it contains serotonin and norepinephrine. These two chemicals are helpful to reduce depression.

Person suffering from depression should avoid drinking of coffee, tea and alcohol. It is good to follow a healthy and well maintained diet daily. One should take normally three meals in a day. Include fruits, vegetables, whole-wheat products and milk. Exercise is a very useful way to fight against depression. It keeps the mind active and physical fit along with mental rest.

It reduces the feeling of powerlessness and actives the entire body. It is beneficial to take a good massage with a hair oil or coconut oil before bedtime. It will give a piece and sound sleep. It is essential to keep your surrounding clean and fresh. Fresh flower are also useful to lift up your mood. So you can decorate your house with wonderful and colorful flowers. If you are feeling depressed, you can take a half an hour sleep in a dark and lonely room. It will feel you better.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.