Effective Home Remedies For Common Diseases

home remedies for common diseaseCommon Diseases occur quite often and home remedies are the best solution to fight them. Instead of rushing to the doctor for curing these common diseases why not just peep into your kitchen or the garden and get the easiest and the safest solution at home with the help of these hone remedies.

The best part is that this will save your body from harsh antibiotics and chemical compositions and secondly you will not have to pay heavy medical bills to the doctor. All you need is the proper knowledge about the various things and how they can be used to cure several common diseases. Your kitchen is full of such natural remedy related things it is just that you need to open your eyes and learn how to use them.

Benefits Of Using Home Remedies

In 2008 in a research done in Britain it was found that around 35% people relied on natural ways to cure diseases and had faith on natural medicine. The benefit of using these home remedies or natural remedies is that they do not have any side effects on our body. So it is better for us to check out some home remedies and how they can save us from common diseases:

Home Remedies Consisting Mint Leaves

Usually it is a very common problem to experience cramps in the stomach and irregular bowel movement, we rush to the doctor to get these common problems resolved. But have you ever thought that mint leaves can do wonder by easing out these cramps and regularising the bowel movement too. The oil extracted from mint leaves is also very beneficial in getting rid of stomach ache.

In a research done in Heidelberg University of Germany it has been proven that mint leaves help in curing the mouth sores which develop in our mouth quite often. The mint leaves posses great anti-bacterial properties too which help in saving us from virus or any other infections. Drinking mint tea helps in curing the mouth sores which develop in our palate very often.

Home Remedies With Rosemary

rosemary remedies for disease

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Rosemary is very helpful in boosting the memory power in us, by improving the blood circulation to the cerebrum. Cerebral cortex is an important part of our brain which is responsible for memorising all the things. Rosemary is very rich in Corscenic Acid, an anti-oxidant which is very beneficial for the nerve cells of the brain.

Rosemary consumption reduces the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease also in old age. Scientists have found that even the smell of rosemary is strong enough to improve the focussing power of any person, so we can well imagine what kind of wonders it can do if we consume it. Rosemary helps in improving bad mood, and it eliminated physical tiredness along with mental stress from our body.

In a research done in National Institute of Agronomic Research it has been found that Rosemary plays a crucial role in manufacturing cytochrome P450 Enzyme. This enzyme is very helpful and responsible for removing all kinds or impurities and toxins from the blood and making it pure.

 Home Remedies With Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves are rich in antiseptic property, which is why in ancient times they were used for cleaning teeth. Their antiseptic property makes them a natural teeth cleanser. Bay leaves are also used for curing swelling due to insect bites or any other skin problem.

During research done by University of Exeiter it has been found that bay leaves are very useful for women undergoing menopause. It has been found that women suffer from Hot Flushes quite often during menopause and bay leaves help in reducing the effects of these hot flushes in such women.

Home Remedies Using Flowers of Tymol

tymol flower for disease

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Many common diseases result due to fungal infections which are caused by bacteria. Tymol flowers are very effective in preventing the spared of these bacteria which are responsible for these fungal infections in our body. Tymol flowers rather kill these bacteria which give rise to fungal infections in our body.

Tymol flowers are abundant in antibacterial property and that is why they effectively stop the proliferation of bacterium called Helicobacter Pylori. Helicobacter Pylori is the main cause of ulcers in the stomach as they enhance the growth of fungus in stomach which damages the stomach lining to such an extent that it results in ulcers.

Tymol flowers are also helpful in curing various respiratory diseases also. Consuming tymol flowers helps in reducing the severe affects of bronchitis and several other infections of chest.  Chest congestion and preliminary infections in the bronchial tract can be easily cured with the help of tymol flowers which should be consumed with honey to end any kind of infection.

 Home Remedies With The Help Of Tymol Seeds

Just like Tymol flowers Tymol seeds are equally effective in curing several common diseases in our body. The oil prepared from the Tymol or Ajwain seeds has antibiotic properties. This antibiotic property of tymol seeds prevents or rather kills the staphylococcus bacteria in our body.

In a research done it has been found that the amount of anti oxidants present in tymol seeds is 42 times, 30 times and 12 times more than they are in apple, potato and oranges respectively. Anti oxidants are just like the protectors of our body as they fight any kind of damage done to the chemicals present on our body.

Effective Home Remedies For Headaches

Headaches can be prevented by using cold ice packs around the neck. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water can also prevent headaches. Massaging the area with mint oil also helps in relieving headaches.

You can also keep bandages dipped in cold water on your forehead to relax the nerves and cure headache. Acupuncture and acupressure are also very effective in relieving headache. Taking bath with luke warm water also helps in relaxing all the body muscles and nerves thus reducing the head ache also.

Thus by following these simple and easy home remedies you can cure some common diseases at home itself by using few tricks from your kitchen only.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.