Cool Kinect Games That Help With Weight Loss

Cool Kinect Games That Help With Weight LossHere we bring forth for you the best Kinect games that can help you lose all your extra flab. There is a large variety of Kinect games that are available for this purpose and we here help you choose the best one for you. There are various kinds of Kinect games such as fitness games and sports games sporting a lot many options for workouts. There are many of them which also offer special features like that of calorie counters that help you keep track of the calories you’ve consumed and food diaries that help you document whatever you eat through your days, weeks and months.

Every New Year one gets the chance to make a fresh start. And now it’s time that you take responsibility of your health and fitness and make 2013 count important. It’s time you make your health your topmost priority. It’s time you set your goals and pursue them with unwavering commitment. The goals can be of any kind whether you want to lose weight, get fit, eat healthy or just feel less of stress.

Following is the list of few Kinect games that have helped many and that you might want to consider too for the New Year.

Kinect Games For Losing Weight

Zumba’s exciting Fitness Rush

The first one in the list is undoubtedly the Zumba’s  Fitness Rush which not only features 42 unique all-new routines but also exciting and energizing songs from some of the most popular artists whose tracks always top the music charts worldwide such as pitbull, Yolanda  Cool, DCup and also Nicole Scherzinger.

Cool Kinect Games That Help With Weight Loss

Zumba’s Fitness Rush not only carries forward the path breaking success of such music tracks and uses them to keep you excited and energized while you work out but also takes the exercise-game (exer) category to new heights of fun along with effective fitness.

So whether you choose to dance alone or call in a friend to join you in your Kinect games work out regime you can nothing but rejoice and be assured to get fit. The game provides three modes of operation- Learn the Steps, Single Song and Zumba Class.

While you are grooving to your favorite track, you may also automatically know  in advance for the next rhythm. The routines are also available in various lengths. So you can choose any from 20-minutes, 45-minutes and 60-minutes according to your comfort and zeal.

Nike in Collaboration with Kinect

Nike + Kinect Training follows the two best things you can ask for when training on a Kinect game- the expertise and knowledge derived from sports renowned company Nike’s superb Sport science with Kinect’sunique camera technology that has helped in creating an impressive workout program, both reactive and dynamic in nature, that takes care and customizes itself based on one’s body, performance and goals.

Kinect Games For Losing Weight

What’s more, you can also ask for frequent feedbacks and schedule coaching from a trainer who happens to be acquainted with you. After every four weeks your endurance, strength and fitness will be assessed in accordance with set benchmarks and subsequently your progress will be measured.

Nike’s expertise specializes in training people of different shapes and builds and helping them achieve their optimal fitness potentials. And we haven’t even talked about the best part yet which is that you are granted easy access to the best Nike trainers too.

It also helps you stay motivated and focused with the medium of  Xbox and Nike plus  Communities that have social media features and help you to not only exercise with friends but also compare your fitness levels with that of others and exchange fitness tips.

Zumba’s Fitness Core

This list would never be complete if we don’t include one of the most beloved Kinect exer-games, the Zumba’ Fitness Core. It has been exclusively designed to help you achieve those torched abs that most of us crave for.

Kinect Games For Losing Weight Tips

This takes fitness and fun to an all new level as it is full of energized dance and fitness programs that have exciting features such as fresh thumping music and breathtaking choreography. The programs also include new styles of dance apart from great fitness features and lovely looking popular Zumba instructors. These instructors will surely guide you on your way to achieving that perfectly toned body and your pack of abs. It’s a lot of sweating and a lot of fun!!!

Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure

Jillian Michaels is a highly renowned personality in the fitness world. He is not only one of the greatest health and fitness icons but is also a world renowned author and the host of sitcom ‘The Doctors’. Now she has made her much awaited debut on the Kinect platform with Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure.

Best Kinect Games For Losing Weight

But beware because this time you will have to be all prepared to use each and every muscle of your body. The players shall join Jillian Michaels on an exciting adventure full of mammoth intensitythat has always been a trademark of the Jillian Michaels franchise! The latest installment from Jillian Michaels gives new heights to your fitness and is an unexpected U-turn from your normal workout. Jillian Michael’s makes you’re your otherwise boring workout routine turns into an exciting adventure in the form of a mission-like journey that takes you through an exotic forest temple environment.

Hollywood Workout by Harley Pasternak’s

It is the time to run, squat and jump, jog and exert your body to lose fat like never before!!! Harley Pasternak promises unforeseen levels of fitness by merely following his everyday day workout regime for 25 minutes that too for just five days in a week. Harley’s program feature a personalized feedback that helps you track your progress and work in the right direction and also provide you with great nutritional tips.

Advice Kinect Games For Losing Weight

The ‘after-work out summary’ (for each day) is another great feature as it provides you with carefully prepared statistics regarding your fitness and provides a detailed review of the number of calories you have burnt, the total exercises that you’ve performed along with the number of reps you have accomplished  in each workout session. It also gives you points for your exercises.

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