Busting The 8 Biggest Myths About Milk

Biggest Myths About Milk

Milk is considered as one of the healthiest food available on the earth. A glass of milk gives your body the much-needed calcium, vitamin D, and many other nutrients. In our childhood, we all used to drink at least a glass of milk daily. It has become an integral part of our daily routine in the childhood. However, as children have grown up, many started avoiding milk due to unknown reasons. Some of them could be that milk is unhealthy or it aids in weight gain.

But Here, The Top 8 Myths We Often Heard About Milk And The Actual Facts Are Decoded And Listed Below:

Myth 1: Milk And Other Dairy Products Make You Fat

Truth: This is really a misconception. Many studies have proved the fact that drinking a glass of milk regularly can help in preventing weight gain. It contains a good dose of calcium and this could be a reason, suggest researchers. Milk contains good amounts of nutrients such as vitamin D, proteins that can help in curbing your appetite. Drinking a glass of milk can make you feel fuller for a longer time and you will obviously eat less.

Milk and other dairy products make you fat

Myth 2: Pasteurization Destroys Nutrients In Milk

Truth: Pasteurization is done to kill the harmful bacteria present in certain foods. Also, pasteurization of milk makes it safe for drinking and this process shows a little impact on the nutrients in the milk. Pasteurized milk contains at least 16 essential nutrients such as Vitamin D, calcium that are considered good for health.

Myth 3: Lactose Intolerants Should Stay Away From Dairy Products

Truth: People who are diagnosed with lactose intolerance can’t digest dairy products. However, they can try having yogurt or cheese because the lactose in milk is later transformed into lactic acid during the fermentation process. So, lactose intolerants can include such products in little quantities initially.

drinking milk

Myth 4: Soy Milk Is As Healthier As Normal Milk

Truth: Normal dairy milk contains at least 6 times as much as calcium content found in any packaged soy milk or any other variety of milk. Packaged soy milk contains artificially fortified nutrients to make up to the nutritional contents of regular milk.

Soy Milk

Myth 5: Human Body Can’t Digest Cow’s Milk

Truth: It is a fact that cow’s milk has greater proportions of proteins and nutrients than regular milk. However, milk has been an integral part of our daily routine. Also, 95% of us have all the enzymes to digest cow’s milk, say nutritionists.

Human body can’t digest cow’s milk

Myth 6: Cow’s Milk Has Growth Hormones And Antibiotics

Truth: Farmers don’t inject growth hormones to cows. In fact, it is illegal. Also, antibiotics are given to cows that suffer from any kind of infections or diseases. The milk obtained from any infected cows is not allowed to be sold for regular consumption until the cow becomes healthy. The government and concerned authorities test milk from all the suppliers to make sure that it is safe to consume.

Myth 7: Organic Milk Is A Lot Healthier Than Normal Milk

Truth: Some observational studies have concluded that organic milk contains low iodine levels when compared to the normal cow’s milk. Regular milk contains good amounts of iodine essential for health. However, other kinds of milk such as organic, flavored, low-fat etc. are also considered healthy, if they are fresh.

Organic Milk

Myth 8: Milk Causes Acne In Teens

Truth: People usually blame foods for acne outburst. Some foods are however responsible for acne and they included milk in this list. However, there is no proper evidence saying that milk causes acne.

acne prone skin

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