Best Yoga For Athletes

Many people think that yoga is not suitable for athletes. This is because they think that athletes follow a strict fitness routine and therefore, don’t require yoga sessions. However, this is a myth because runners often experience strained and sore muscles because of constant running. In such a situation, yoga can be immensely beneficial.

While yoga is extremely helpful for athletes, it’s always better if you train under an experienced teacher. This is because if you start doing yoga on your own, you may not get your postures and breathing right. This in turn, can have a negative impact on your fitness levels and may even cause injury. So, start slowly and under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. Here are few poses you can try.

Various Yoga Exercise For Athletes


The best thing about Paschimottanasana is that it increases flexibility of the body by stretching the hamstrings as well as the spine. For doing this pose, sit on your hips and extend your legs in the forward direction. Now, slowly use your fingers for touching your toes.


Simultaneously you should also bend your head so that the forehead touches the knees. Hold on the position and slowly, go back to the original position.


The benefit of Vajrasana is that it strengthens the body as well as the spinal cord. Start by sitting on the soles of your feet. Ensure that your hips are placed directly above the soles.

VajrasanaNow, place both of your hands on the knees and sit straight.  In general, make sure that your neck, head and trunk – all lie in a straight line. You can sit in this position as long as you feel like.


Utkanasana (also known as the Chair pose) is beneficial for athletes because it increases metabolism and also strengthens the legs as well as the arms. Furthermore, it stimulates the heart and abdominal organs. For doing this pose, first stand with your legs apart.Now, take a deep breath and move your arms in a 45 degree angle in the upward direction.


Exhale and get into the pose by bending the knees and moving your hips in such a way so that you are about to sit on the chair. Tuck in your stomach and try to hold on the position for 5-10 seconds.

Janu Sirsasna

Janu Sirsasna is an excellent exercise for stretching the calves, your knees as well as the hamstrings. Start by sitting on your hips normally.

Janu Sirsasna

Now, extend your right leg in the forward direction, while making your left feet bend in such a way so that toes of the left feet touch the right thigh. Now, use both your hands for touching toes of the right leg. Stay in this position for few seconds and slowly go back to the original position.

It is crucial to remember that the benefits of yoga extend beyond the physical aspect. Runners experience extreme stress because of their profession and yoga plays an important role in reducing the stress and tension. It calms the mind and therein lies the importance of yoga.

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