Best Vitamins For Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a medical disorder known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). A person suffering from chronic fatigue feels tired and exhausted all the time, no matter how much she/he rests or sleeps.The common factors responsible for this condition are hormonal changes, viral infection, mental disturbance like depression or stress, anaemia or low blood pressure.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can easily be combated by dietary measures. A balanced diet which contains essential vitamins strengthens your immune system and boosts energy level. A list of best vitamins for chronic fatigue is mentioned below.

Best Vitamins For Chronic Fatigue

Vitamin A

Vitamin A strengthens the immune system by improving the production of red blood cells and T cells in the body. It is a fat soluble vitamin, it contains anti stress properties and it combats iron deficiency thus it helps to treat chronic fatigue that is caused due to anemia.

Vitamin A regulates the functioning of Thymus, a gland that helps to maintain a strong immune system. Vitamin A is present in many fruits and vegetables such as carrot, spinach, mangoes, broccoli, kale, sweet potato and cantaloupe etc.

Vitamin a

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is the most recommended vitamin to help you deal with chronic fatigue. Vitamin B12 is essential to boost your energy level. Along with vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin B6 are also important to maintain your glucose metabolism and estrogens production. Vitamin B is water soluble vitamin.

It is discharged via urine if taken in excess. Thus it is harmless vitamin. Vitamin B helps to fight chronic fatigue by uplifting your mood and by strengthening the immune system. It is found in foods like fish, eggs, dairy products, beans, lentils, leafy green vegetables and wheat grains. Include these foods in your daily diet for chronic fatigue.

Vitamin B helps to fight chronic fatigue by uplifting your mood

Vitamin C

Deficiency of vitamin C can weaken the immune system and the person becomes more susceptible to allergic attacks. Vitamin C is water soluble vitamin which helps to build your resistance power against viral infections and common allergies. It boosts the production of white blood cells and necessary antibodies.

It helps in proper assimilation of iron from food, thus it helps to cure anaemia related fatigue. It is especially important for women to consume sufficient amount of vitamin C to prevent iron deficiency during menstrual period. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits like orange, lemon, sweet lime, grapefruit etc. Indian gooseberry has a high amount of vitamin C and it is a great immunity booster. Cauliflower, tomato, potato, papaya, green and red peppers, turnip, mangoes and watermelon are other food items with high amounts of vitamin C.

Vitamin c

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps to protect the cells of your body from environmental pollutant effects. It is an essential vitamin to fight chronic fatigue related to stress and mental disturbance.

Vitamin E has anti histaminic properties and it is recommended for women during menopausal stage as it helps them to deal with mood swings and depression. The best food sources of vitamin E are nuts, seeds, olives, green leafy vegetables and wheat germ.Vitamin supplements should be taken after consulting your physician.

Vitamin E

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