Best Diet Tips For Children

Diet Tips For ChildrenIt is a myth that obesity affects only adults. If a small kid is fed junk food regularly, chances are high that he/she would gain weight over time. Childhood obesity is a major problem in many countries and the main reason behind this is that kids these days lead a sedentary lifestyle. If you think that your kids are gaining excessive weight, you need to modify their eating habits so that they can become healthy. 

As a parent you must understand that at this age, children get easily affected by popular trends, peer pressure and prefer eating junk foods.  Therefore, you need to make them aware about the importance of good nutrition and also the dangers associated with unhealthy eating habits. Here are few diet tips that you can consider for your kids.

Diet Tips For Children

Including Healthy Foods In The Diet Is Crucial

The first step is to include healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, lean meat) in the diet plan of your kids. While this is an easy step, making kids eat healthy foods can be challenging. Since high calorie foods taste delicious usually, it is obvious that kids prefer to eat them.

fruits and vegetables

However, as a parent, you need to be strict about eating habits and encourage them to eat more of healthy foods. One way of doing so would be to shop for healthier items that include fruits, vegetables, whole wheat cookies, nuts and low calorie milk products. Buy less of junk foods, whenever you go out for grocery shopping.

Go For Creative And Healthy ‘Dips’

It is true that no matter how much you point out the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, some kids simply refuse to eat them.


In such a situation, you can prepare healthy dips such a hummus dips or plain yogurt and encourage them to use the dips while eating vegetables or fruits. For example, if you serve them apple slices along a cup of plain yogurt, lunch would become more fun.

Including Calcium Rich Foods Is Crucial

Eating calcium rich foods is important for people belonging to any age, but it’s especially crucial for children because they need to develop stronger bones. Calcium rich foods allow their bones to become stronger.


For best results, include milk, yogurt and cottage cheese in their diet plan. If they are lactose intolerant, go for alternatives such as soy milk, calcium fortified juices, nuts, and fish with edible bones.

Pay Attention To what They Are Drinking

Apart from the foods, it’s important to pay attention to the drinks your kids are consuming. Encourage them to drink milk, juices or water instead of sugary drinks.


Also, beware of pre packaged juices or smoothies because they are usually high in calories or contain an excessive amount of sugar. Fresh juices or homemade health drinks can be your safest options.

Allow Desserts And Unhealthy Foods In Moderation

It is natural for children to desire for unhealthy foods such as cookies, biscuits and chips. While these foods do not contain any nutrients, you can allow your kids to occasionally eat them.

sugar free ice creams

However, ensure that your kids eat them only once in a while and never get addicted to them. Also, encourage them to choose healthier versions of these foods. Example includes baked chips, sugar free ice creams and low fat cheese.

Consider these tips for influencing eating habits of your kids. Gift them a healthier life.

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