15 Amazing Benefits Of Lead Tree On Your Skin, Hair And Health

Lead Tree

Lead tree is also popular with the name of Ipil-Ipil. It is an evergreen plant which is cultivated in South Asia, Philippines, Australia, and Pacific islands. The extracts of this tree is added in various skin care and hair care products. Its leaves are a good source of protein. Some amount of caffeine is found in the seeds of lead tree. It gives you plenty of much needed nutrition for the growth and development of body. The special enzymes and nutrition contained in the extracts of this this tree offers amazing anti-aging properties that makes it hot selling ingredient in cosmetic industry. Besides your skin, this oil is also helpful for your scalp. This medicinal tree is not just good for internal body but also for enhancing your external beauty. In this article we will look at fifteen amazing benefits of lead tree on your skin, hair and health.

Here Are The 15 Amazing Benefits Of Lead Tree On Your Skin, Hair And Health:

Skin Toner

Lead tree is one of the most effective and natural skin toner. The leaves and seeds of this tree have natural enzymes that helps in building collagen is the cells of the skin. Good amount of collagen enhances the power of natural healing for dullness, wrinkled, dryness, patchy and dark skin. It tones your skin and prevents the signs of early aging.

Skin Toner

Nourishes And Adds Shine To Your Skin

The leaves of lead tree are filled with skin beneficial nutrients that provide sufficient nourishment to your skin and sufficiently moisturize it. Your skin gain natural radiance and health. Application or consumption of its leaves also has the power to beat all sign of pollution.


Powerful Derma Medicine

The anti-inflammatory property of lead tree helps in curing acute skin disorder “Psoriasis” in a natural, safe and effective way. It repairs your skin and heals painful red patches all over the skin efficiently.

Treats Psoriasis

Treats Eczema

Leaves and seeds of lead tree gently soothe and heal the rough and inflamed patches of skin. It also prevents the itching and bleeding of the skin. This makes it an effective remedy for eczema.

Treats Skin Problems

Moisturises Your Skin

The leaves of this tree hydrate your dry scalp. It also makes the rough skin of your scalp moist in a natural way.

Combination Skin

Hair Removal Option

The gum obtained from the trunk of lead tree helps in removal of body hair. It is a pure natural way of removing body hairs and does not cause any side-effects. Your skin become smooth and toned with no itching or reddening sensation.

Way To Remove Facial Hair

Treats Dandruff

Lead tree provide enormous hair benefits. The oil extracted from its seeds possesses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. When applied on scalp it treats hair issues such as dandruff.

Eliminating Dandruff

Reduces Menstrual Pain

The bark of lead tree shows analgesic properties that reduces muscular pain in the body. It also helps in easing the difficulties of menstrual periods and lessens menstrual pain.

Reduces Menstrual Pain

Pregnancy Control

The root of this tree has the potential to avoid pregnancy and can serve the purpose of contraceptive. But don’t just consider this to be your only pregnancy controlling option!


Worm Repellent

When the raw seeds of this tree are cooked properly then it gives the benefits in the form of worm repellents. Not just it actively expels ringworms and roundworms from the body but also saves your body from various harmful virus and bacteria from affecting the body.

Treats Ringworms

Anti-Cancerous Agent

The coffee obtained with the roasted seeds of the lead tree has remarkable anti-cancerous properties which inhibits the growth and spread of cancer causing cells in the body.


Prevents The Growth Of Free Radicals

Free radicals are considered to be one of the reasons for cell abnormality. Lead tree helps in fighting free radicals and preventing its spread in the human body.

Free Radicals

Pain Reliever

Lead tree has strong analgesia properties that act as a natural pain killer. Application of the extracts of this tree helps relief from joint pains, body pain, neck pain, back pain or tendonitis. This is also one of the best cures for people suffering with arthritis. The anti- inflammatory nature of this herb treats the pain associated with inflammation of joints effectively.

Release Body Pain

Fights Infection

This tree possesses beneficial anti-bacterial qualities that help in destroying intestinal wounds.

Scalp Infections

Softens Your Skin

When these seeds are roasted it works as a great emollient. It helps in soothing your skin and mucous membrane and makes them soft.

skin healthy and glowing

Consuming the raw seeds and shoots of lead tree is harmful for health. So these are some of the vital health benefits of consuming seeds or leaves of lead tree. It helps in keeping your body free from a wide range of illnesses. So make this important food product a part of your daily diet from today!

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.