9 Natural Remedies For Healing Back Injury

Back injury is the main cause of problems and pain in the back. Due to injury, there can be abnormality and problem in the spine. Some people have spine arthritis and this causes back pain. There can be injury or disorder in the disc of the spine. Poor posture and sedentary lifestyle with lack of physical activity can affect the back and discs. Sometimes, too much physical strain and doing over exercise can cause pressure on the spine and back. All these causes lead to pain that radiates to legs and hands. The nerves of the spine and the rest of the body can become compressed and pinched. Proper treatment is very necessary for a back injury. Natural remedies give relief to some extent. We will suggest easy remedies for this.

Following Are The 9 Natural Remedies For Healing Back Injury:

1. Warm Bath

Taking a bath with warm water helps in reducing body pain that occurs due to sciatica. Let the back soak in warm bathwater for ten minutes. Do the stretching while taking the bath. It will help in decreasing muscle strain and spasms. [1]

Warm Bath

2. Cold Pack, Hot Pack

Cold and hot treatment helps in giving relief in spasms in the lower back due to injury or other causes. Make an ice pack by wrapping a cloth over ice cubes. Apply the pack on your back over the painful areas for fifteen minutes.[2] After two days, apply heat on the back. You can use a heating pad for this.

Cold Pack, Hot Pack

3. Improve The Posture

Improving the posture helps in avoiding back pain and injury. Learn the right method of standing, sitting and walking.[3] Avoid slouching and bending the back while sitting and walking. Keep the feet straight on floor while sitting on a chair. Sit with a pillow or cushion at the back.

Improve The Posture

4. Lumbar Cushion

If you have back injury, you should use a lumbar cushion. It will help in supporting the back and reducing pain and strain in this area.[4] Place the cushion at the back while sitting on a chair. Use it like a backrest to sit comfortably giving rest to the injured back.

Lumbar Cushion

5. Massage

Massage therapy is a natural way to reduce problems caused by back injury. Massage the affected area on the back very gently. Rub the skin very softly.[5] It will help in reducing pain in the back. Massage helps in increasing blood circulation and it gives relief in pain.


6. Modify Repetitive Tasks

Avoid lifting heavy objects like bags and briefcases. Use some device to lift such objects. Use a suitcase with wheels. Don’t put too much physical strain and pressure on your back.[6] Ensure that your computer is placed right so that it doesn’t put a strain on the back while working on it. Don’t bend and twist the body.

Modify Repetitive Tasks

7. Stretching Exercises

Doing stretching exercises helps in decreasing problems due to a back injury. It stops the degeneration of spine and back muscles. Initially, you should do the stretching very slowly and gradually increase its intensity.[7] It will reduce pain and spasms in the back.

Stretching Exercises

8. Use Pillow While Sleeping

Your sleeping position can help in reducing back pain due to injury. Use a pillow while sleeping. Always sleep on the back. Keep the pillow between the knees.[8] The knees should be in a bent position. Keep the pillow between two legs while sleeping on the sides.

Use Pillow While Sleeping

9. Yoga

Yoga helps in making the back strong. It can reduce pain and strain on the back muscles while improving the nervous system functioning. You should do yoga exercises daily. consult a doctor and confirm if it is safe to do yoga after a back injury.[9]


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.