9 Natural Cure For Bone Cancer

Bone cancer causes wear and tear of bones and may also lead to the abnormal growth. It is a very painful condition which requires proper care and also natural therapies regularly. At the early stage many of the natural remedies may help in curing the bone cancer. Here are some of the natural cures.

9 natural cure for bone cancer

Tips To Cure Bone Cancer Naturally

Green tea

Green tea is mostly known for its anti-cancer properties. Two cups of green tea regularly  basis helps a lot in curing the bone cancer. It is the most important source for the antioxidant which is required by our body to fight against unwanted cells.

green tea

Vitamin A

Consume the fruits and vegetables which are rich source of vitamin A like dark-green, yellow or orange fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A is very important to fight against bone cancer.

Vitamin A


It has been proved by the American Cancer Society that if exercise and yoga have to be done on regular basis, this will help in proper blood circulation and also helps in fighting against many diseases including cancer. The bone cancer patients can do the mild yoga in their daily routine.



Sweating helps in cleansing of the accumulated toxins in the body. Some of the toxins and pesticides can only be removed through the sweat glands. So for this purpose you can exercise wearing lots of clothes, take sauna bath regularly, have warm tea in a hot room, eat cayenne pepper. All these ways will help the body to sweat and helps to remove the toxins which is a good cure for the bone cancer.


Aloe Vera

It contains the compound called as aloeride, which has anti-cancer properties. So the cancer patient has to consume the aloe-vera on regular basis. As this is the natural way, so it does not have any side effects.

aloe vera

Sun Exposure

The UVB rays helps in producing the vitamin D under the skin which helps in reducing the cell multiplication in case of bone cancer. So the patient has to ensure the generous amount of sun exposure daily. The early morning sun rays are very good for the body and also for the skin.

Sun Exposure


The diet for the bone cancer patient has to be very special and rich in vitamin, minerals and roughage. The diet should have the fruits, vegetables, green salad, and milk products.

The milk thistle is rich in antioxidant which is a good cure for the bone cancer. The cancer patient should also have to consume a lot of distilled water in order to have a good bowel movement.



There are many herbal remedies for curing bone cancer. These herbs are bupleurum, astralagus, maitake and psoralea. All of these herbs are natural and can be consumed easily. The other herbs like turmeric and ginger can also be taken in daily routine. The herbal tea is also good in case of bone cancer.



The massage and aqua pressure may also help in the bone cancer. The massage has to done with light hands with olive oil, lavender oil or mustard oil. This will help in relaxing the body pain.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.