9 Home Remedies For Bad Breath

 Bad Breath

Bad breath is a difficult condition to live with. Many of us probably have this condition in spite of following rigorous dental hygiene. This points to that fact that bad breath is not just associated with proper dental hygiene. A variety of factors can trigger halitosis and create embarrassing situations in the social as well as personal front.

Let’s take a peek into what causes bad breath before discussing the wonderful remedies we have in store for you. The basic cause of bad breath is obviously poor dental hygiene. Gums are prone to decaying and abscess formations due to decayed roots in the teeth. Other causes could be infections and diseases of the respiratory tract.

Externally triggered factors like smoking and diet too play a great role in creating bad breath. Dentures and braces, dryness in the mouth, food particles getting stuck in between the teeth etc. would cause decaying and multiplication of bacteria inside the mouth, causing unpleasant smell inside the mouth cavity. If any of these are the reasons that cause bad breath, making a serious change of habits would put an end to your problem.

However, if bad breath haunts you still, never lose heart. Try these effective home remedies and remove your social as well as personal embarrassments in a few days.

9 Home Remedies For Bad Breath

Baking Soda And Water Mouth Wash

A mouth wash immediately freshens the mouth and leaves a clean and fresh smell inside. A number of mouth washes are available in the drug store to serve the purpose. But you surely need not go after them. Here is a simple, yet effective mouth wash you can make at home in an instant. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda along with a glass of water.

Baking Soda

Gargle your mouth with this solution every day, taking care to swish it around the inside corners of the mouth. Baking soda creates an oxygenating action inside the mouth which destroys the bacteria and prevents bad breath. Baking soda can also be used for brushing your teeth. Press your damp toothpaste on baking soda and brush your teeth with that.

Mint Leaves For Treating Bad Breath

All of us are used to mint mouth fresheners and hence know how effective they are in refreshing your breath in an instant. Why go after these market products when you can easily grow mint leaves at home and use them for keeping bad breath at bay? Chew a mint leaf every time you need fresh breath to freshen your spirit and gain confidence.

Mint Leaves

Cloves And Cinnamon For Bad Breath

Moving on to the group of herbs and spices that can refresh your breath as effectively or even better than mouth fresheners, we have the exhilarating aroma of cinnamon, cloves and fennel. All these have astringent qualities and can be used for chewing when you need a refreshing breather from bad breath. The good thing about these herbs is that they can be carried around and used any time you need a quick fix solution for your bad breath. Cloves are especially good for removing pain in the gums due to infections and related disorders.


Salt For Stopping Bad Breath

Salt has good antibacterial properties and can heal wounds too. If you have bleeding gums and infections and ulcers inside your mouth that is causing bad breath, gargle your mouth with warm salt water. They take care of all gum problems and kill all the bacteria present in the mouth that causes bad breath.


Guava For Removing Bad Breath

One of the best known cures for stopping bad breath, guava is abundantly blessed with tannic acid, mallic acid, phosphoric acid and oxalic acid which help in teeth health and gum diseases. This is a readymade home recipe and therefore all you need is to just chew on the guava along with the seeds.


Enjoy its crunchy taste and at the same time get your teeth, mouth and gums cleansed with its scrubbing action.  Not just the guava fruit, but the leaves are also great for stopping bleeding of the gums.

Fenugreek For Bad Breath

Fenugreek has been used for centuries to treat many ailments and impart health to the body. One of its great uses is to treat halitosis or bad breath. For taking advantage of the goodness of fenugreek seeds, boil a few fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and strain the water when cool. Drink this early morning and whenever you need a fresh breath. Doing this regularly will prevent bad breath and also reduce its severity and stop it with time.


Apple To Treat Bad Breath

Another great reason to include an apple in your daily diet! Chew an apple a day and remove bad breath and germs. Apple has astringent qualities and its crunchy quality helps in scraping off all the food particles and germs trapped in the mouth, leaving your mouth fresh and sweet smelling. An apple will also leave your teeth clean, preventing any cause for gum diseases and resultant formations of pus and smell.


Avocados For Removing Bad Breath

Chewing raw avocados can help combat bad breath. Avocados are rich in fat and are heavy to chew which removes the food particles from the mouth and leave the mouth perfectly clean. Avocados are also good in removing decayed matter from the intestines which are also contributory factors that lead to bad breath. Eat an avocado a day and prevent bad breath effectively.


Drink Water To Prevent Bad Breath

We all know that a dry mouth can cause build up of bacteria and bad breath. This is why all of us have morning breath which we are so used to. A glass of water can immediately put an end to bad breath. It is important to drink several glasses of water every day, at least 3-4 litres to keep your mouth hydrated and prevent bacterial build up and also to remove toxins from the body and intestinal area. Generally good health will remove bad breath from our system.

Drink More Water

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.