9 Healthy Foods For Cataracts

Healthy Foods For Cataracts

Cataract is a common eye disease which can affect individuals of all age groups. You have a crystalline lens which is present in your eyes right behind the iris. Light travels to your eyes through this crystalline lens and you see the things. However, when fatty cells accumulate and form a layer behind this lens, then you tend to suffer from the troubles of cataract. Double vision or blurred vision is prominent symptoms of cataracts. In order to avoid the risk of development of cataracts, you need to include some healthy foods in your regular diet. So, if you are wondering eating which foods can help you keep the development of cataracts at bay, worry no more. Read on to discover some healthy foods that help you enjoy a cataract-free life.

Find Below Nine Healthy Foods That Help You Keep Cataracts At Bay:

1. Carrots

Carrots are highly beneficial for your eyes and for alleviating the symptoms of cataract. Carrots are rich in various nutrients that offer you protection from the development of cataracts. So, need to add carrots to your regular diet to keep cataracts at bay.[1] You can either munch on raw carrots or eat extract fresh juice of the carrots and drink a glass of fresh carrot juice twice every day.


2. Bilberries

Make sure you include fresh bilberries of its fresh extract in your regular diet to keep the risk of development of cataract at bay.[2] Bilberries are highly effective in mitigating the symptoms of cataracts. Bilberries contain anthocyanins which help combat inflammation and ensure that the vessels and arteries that feed your eyes do not turn narrow. So, you can eat fresh bilberries daily or have its juice.


3. Broccoli

Another healthy food that you need to add to your regular diet to protect your eyes from the development of cataract is broccoli. Broccoli is a highly nutritious food that helps in mitigating the symptoms of cataracts to a great extent and aid in improving your vision significantly.[3] You can cook broccoli and add it to your regular cooking preparations or add it to your salads.


4. Garlic

Garlic is one of the common cooking ingredients; however it is highly beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of cataract and improving your vision.[4] All you need to do is add one or two raw garlic cloves to your cooking preparations or your need to chew raw garlic cloves to have clean crystalline lens free of cataracts.


5. Honey

Do not miss adding honey to your daily diet. You can also eat raw honey as it offers you a great protection from cataract.[5] Honey is an alkaline-producing food so it is highly beneficial for keeping cataracts at bay. Make it a habit to consume a teaspoon of raw honey every day. Also, you can add raw honey to your fresh salads for taste and eat it.


6. Avocados

Include fresh avocados in your regular diet to protect your eyes and vision from the adverse effects of the cataract. Avocados are highly nutritious and contain plenty of lutein, which is offers you a great protection from the development of lens opacity i.e. cataracts.[6] So, make sure you eat fresh avocados regularly. Cut small pieces of avocados, sprinkle some salt on it, and eat these fresh pieces of avocados daily. You can prepare fresh salad containing small pieces of avocados and eat it after your meals.


7. Eggs

If you like eating eggs, make sure to add eggs in your regular diet. Eggs are known to contain highly beneficial vision protective compounds, namely zeaxanthin and lutein, that you need to have good vision and keep the risk of development of cataracts at bay.[7] Eating eggs regularly safeguards your eyes and alleviate the adverse effects of the cataracts to a great extent. You can add eggs to salads or add them to various food preparations and eat them to lead a cataract free life.


8. Red Tomatoes

Another healthy food that you can add to your daily diet to keep the development of cataracts at bay is red tomato. Tomatoes are known to offer you a great protection from the troubles of cataract. Cut small pieces of fresh red tomatoes and add them to your daily food preparations.[8] Also, you can prepare fresh tomato soup and drink it daily. Besides these, adding fresh slices of red tomatoes to your salads can help you have protection from the harmful effects of cataract.


9. Spinach

Spinach is highly nutritious food so it offers you plenty of crucial nutrients that help you keep cataracts at bay. Eating spinach regularly protects your eyes from the risk of development of cataracts.[9] So, add fresh spinach to your regular diet. You can either cook spinach and add it to your regular food preparations or add fresh, raw spinach to your salads.


Now that you know these nine healthy foods that can protect you from cataracts, make sure you add them to your regular diet and keep cataracts at bay.

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