9 Best Natural Antibiotic Alternatives You Should Know

Natural Antibiotic Alternatives

Antibiotics fight against the bacteria and protect our body from various bacterial infections. But due to the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections, many people shift their concern from doctors’ prescribed antibiotics to natural ones. There are various natural compounds around you that resist bacterial threats from making our health poor. Natural ingredients are even successful in killing harmful bacteria, without harming on the good ones.

Here Top 9 Natural Antibiotic Alternatives Are Given That Heals Health Complications Naturally:

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is a rich source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) such as luric acid that can even resist harmful bacteria like H. Pylori. It also fights against C. Difficile – antibiotic-resistance bacteria that cause diarrhea issue. Try to eat a small spoon of coconut in the morning with your breakfast. You can even add it to your salad to naturally shield your body from bacteria.

Coconut oil

Olive Leaf Extract:

It is another natural antibiotic that kills viruses and bacteria and protects our health. It can even more effective than prescribed antibiotic in terms of protecting our health from harmful bacteria. It destroys bacteria by cutting off the supply of amino acid to them that in turn reduces its spreading. You can buy olive leaf extracts online or from any health food stores.

Olive Leaf ExtractGarlic:

It is one of the commonly available ingredients that you can easily find out in your kitchen. Garlic not only adds aromatic flavor to your dishes, but also resists bacteria and virus infection through its natural compounds. It gives a natural relief from cold. Moreover, it can also resist superbugs due to containing allicin compound.



From ancient time, this herb has been used for healing various health complications. It treats viral infection with its natural ingredients. It also heals issues related to cold and flu such as pain, aches, and digestive symptoms and so on. You can buy capsule and liquid extract of ginger, but the most effective way is to sip ginger tea on a regular basis.

The Ginger Remedy


Elderberry proves to be very effective in curing flu. If people can include elderberry within 2 days of their complications, it can fight against the viral infection and it can even be successful in treating harmful ones. You can take pills or capsules, but elderberry syrup is best to provide health with its natural quality. Take syrup one tbsp for three times a day for adult and 1 tsp for children.



Andrographis has proven one of the best natural antibiotics that can heal complications like bronchitis, viral sore throat, sinus infection and colds. When Andrographis is taken with Siberian ginseng, it gives a miraculous effect on treating cold. Though this herb is prohibited during pregnancy, but breastfeeding mother can take this. It is even secure for children.


Manuka Honey:

Manuka honey has already made its place in treating wounds in hospitals across the world. You can place honey on gauze and take care of your wounds. Though most honey has antibacterial properties, but Manuka honey has been the most effective one because of its methylglyoxal compound.


Green Tea:

Sinus is one of the common health complications from which people often suffer. To cure the issue, they opt for prescribed antibiotics. But one can get rid of sinus problem naturally, by including green tea in their diets. Green tea comes with some natural ingredients that treat viral infections.

Green Tea (2)

Black Pepper:

Black pepper is one of the synergistic herbs that elevate the action of other herbs. It builds inactive resistance bacteria mechanism and increase the amount of antibacterial agent in your body. Moreover, it enhances your immune functions as well.

Black Pepper

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.