8 Surprising Benefits Of Strawberries For Skin Care

Benefits Of Strawberries For Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, we have a wide range of fruits to make use of. Strawberries are one such healthy fruit with innumerable beauty benefits. This tangy fruit is loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants and other vital nutrients good for overall health as well. Not only eating a cup of strawberries is beneficial but including them in your skin care routine can show surprising effects.

We can use the strawberry pulp as a scrub, in facial, as a gel on any skin type and it work wonders in boosting your skin health. If used regularly, strawberries show remarkable effects on the skin.

Here Are Few Ways To Incorporate This Red Berry Fruit In Your Skin Care Routine:

No More Acne:

Acne is due to excess accumulation of sebum. A half cup filled with strawberry pulp and sour cream is the perfect way to get rid of embarrassing acne on your skin. Apply this mixture and clean your skin after few minutes. Regular application of this mixture shows amazing results since this tangy berry fruit has cleansing properties. Dead skin cells can be exfoliated and you can even prevent any further breakouts.

No More Acne

Glowing Complexion:

Acne left over marks and blemishes, when cleared off, gives you a bright skin complexion. The juice of strawberries plays a vital role in lightening skin, thanks to the ellagic acid in it. To reap the most of it, use the fresh strawberry juice on your skin. You can clean it off after it dries.

Glowing Complexion

Protects Skin From UV Rays:

Ellagic acid and antioxidants in strawberries protect skin from the damaging UV rays. This is the reason why many products and treatments use strawberries for skin care.

Protects Skin From UV Rays

A Great Scrub:

Strawberries act as a gentle scrub on the skin and foot as well. A cup of strawberry pulp along with the seeds and little honey added to it is an excellent scrub mixture to exfoliate dead cells. Gently massage your skin and lips with this homemade scrub. Strawberries have a higher concentration of alpha hydroxyl acid helpful in exfoliating off the dead skin cells. Strawberries help cleanse the pores and tighten the skin whereas honey acts as a moisturizing agent. Following this method thrice a week will give you a healthy skin and plump lips within few months.

A Great Scrub

Amazing Toner:

Toning is as essential as scrubbing and the juice extracted from strawberry acts as an amazing toner. Add rose water to this juice and apply it on your skin. This toner can be stored in the refrigerator for a week and can be used daily. It work wonders on any skin type and shows amazing results within a month.

Amazing toner

Anti-ageing Tonic:

Ellagic acid in strawberries inhibits the destruction of collagen which might otherwise lead to wrinkle formation. Hence, to avoid wrinkles use strawberry pulp or juice in your face masks.

Anti-ageing Tonic

Goodbye Oily Skin:

Excess secretion of oil by the glands makes your skin look oily. This is when strawberries come to your rescue. Applying strawberry pulp on your skin directly or adding it to your face masks can help you get rid of oily skin. Rich in Vitamin C, strawberries nourish and remove the excess oil on the skin.

Goodbye Oily Skin

Treats Under-eye Puffiness:

Strawberries contain anti-inflammatory compounds. It helps treat under-eye puffiness and dark circles and give you the fresh look even after not having enough sleep the previous night. Apply the strawberry juice under the eyes and leave it for few minutes. You can also put two slices to your eyes and enjoy the cooling effect.

Treats Under-eye Puffiness

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