8 Simple Moves For Knee Pain


Strong legs and knees help in moving the body in a proper way. It helps us in doing physical activities. Knee pain is a common problem that can affect your movement and mobility. Many people suffer from this problem. If the knee pain is not treated in a timely manner, it can make you bedridden. It affects your daily activities and works when you are not able to perform the routine tasks of life. Exercise can help in reducing knee pain. It makes the knee joint strong while improving its movement. We will tell you about some easy exercises and moves for knees.

Following Are The 8 Simple Moves You Can Try For Knee Pain

Wall Hamstring Stretch

Wall hamstring stretch in done by lying on the back. Hold resistance band in your hand the other end fixed on the toe. Raise the leg and place on wall. You can also lift the leg on a table. Pull the resistance band towards your body to a ninety-degree angle upwards. Repeat ten times. It will give a nice stretch to hamstring.


Calf Stretch

Calf stretch is very good knee exercise for arthritis. Stand behind a chair with your face towards the back of the chair. Hold the chair with both hands. Take one step backwards with one leg. Keep this leg straight behind you. Bend the leg in front of you from the knee. Press the feet downwards and stretch the calf muscles. Hold and return. Do this two times. Repeat the movement with the opposite leg.

Calf Stretch

Chair Knee Extension

Chair knee extension exercise is very easy done while sitting on chair. Keep another chair in front of you. Lift and raise feet of one leg and place on the chair in front. Push the knee downwards by contracting the leg muscles. Hold for some time. Return and release the knees. Do this five times. Do the movement with opposite leg also.


Stair Step-Ups

Stair step-ups exercise is done on bottommost step of your home or office stairs. Place the hand on supporting railing of stairs. Climb up one step upwards with one feet while keeping the other feet still hanging down the step. Climb back down the step. Do this six times. Repeat the movement with opposite leg.


Leg Swing

Swinging the legs to side is an easy exercise for knees. Stand straight. Fold the hands from elbows and place on the waist. Keep the two feet away from each other. Lift and move the feet towards the side in a swinging motion. Return and repeat the movement several times. Do this with the opposite leg also.


Straight Leg Raise

For doing the straight leg raise, you need to lie on the back. Bend the knee of one leg. Raise the opposite leg upwards. Lift the legs to a height of twelve inches. Return to starting position and do the movement ten times. Do a total three sets of this exercise.

Straight Leg Raise

Tennis Ball Rolling

Knee exercise can be done with the help of tennis ball. Stand straight. Roll a tennis ball below the feet of one leg. Apply pressure while doing this. Repeat the movement with the opposite feet also.

tennis ball

Sit And Stand

Choose a chair without armrest for doing up and down exercise. Sit on the chair. Keep the arms at the sides. Stand up straight. Lower the body to sit on chair. Repeat the sitting and standing movements for one minute.

sit and stand

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