8 Simple Diet Tips To Reduce Weight

Reduce WeightIf you are trying to lose weight, you really need to watch your diet. Most of us are not happy with the scale numbers and would like to bring them down. There are many diets that claim to make you shed many pounds drastically, but don’t get influenced by them. The fat goes fast, but only to return later.

Instead, it is better to do simple things that you can easily follow and adhere to so that the weight doesn’t pile up again. These tips will be useful in your weight reduction plan. Combined with more physical activity, you should be able to reduce your weight gradually.

Diet Tips To Reduce Weight

Have Regular Meals

Never skip a meal. Hunger pangs lead to overeating! Start your morning with a healthy breakfast as it keeps your metabolic rate high, helping burn the extra calories faster.

Have Regular Meals

Regular meals help stabilise blood sugar levels. When you are not starving, you end up eating right at regular intervals.

Small Portion Sizes

It is best to eat smaller portion sizes when you are trying to reduce weight. This will help you consume lesser calories per meal, while keeping your body’s metabolism active.

So, if you are used to having a bowl of pasta normally, take a smaller portion instead of the whole bowl. Have half a glass of smoothie instead of a whole glassful. This simple method will help you achieve your goal very easily without even having to starve.

Eat Low Energy Density Foods

Low energy density foods have lower number of calories per bite. They should be a major part of your diet as they have a low glycaemic index. These foods fill up your stomach, giving a feeling of fullness.

Eat Low Energy Density Foods

You won’t feel hungry for long time if you eat such food. Include lots of vegetables, raw salads, fruits, low fat milk products, porridge, beans, fish and lean meat in your diet.

Say No To Starches

If you want to reduce your weight, cutting off starchy foods from your daily diet will be helpful. Do not eat white bread, polished white rice, pastas, and potatoes. Instead, have whole wheat bread, oats, brown rice and sweet potatoes as they are healthier options.

Avoid Dairy Products

Eating less dairy products will help you to reduce weight over a period of time. These foods contain lactose which slows down the rate of weight loss.

Avoid Dairy Products

So, cut down the consumption of dairy products, especially the full fat containing cream and cheese, in order to accelerate your weight loss.

Eat Nuts Sparingly

Most of us love to eat nuts and tend to gobble down more than we should as they are so tasty. But, remember, nuts contain large quantity of carbohydrates; Cashew nuts are the richest carb-wise.

If you are trying to reduce weight, it is best to eat them sparingly. Almonds and walnuts are very healthy sources of proteins and minerals. Macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts are the best nuts to have.

Avoid Stocking Up Food Items

This is the simplest tip to follow, but difficult if you are used to munching on food all day! Of course, that itself is the reason for your weight gain. Avoid stocking up your refrigerator and kitchen with tempting food, pastries, chips, cookies, etc.

Avoid Stocking Up Food

It’s best not to keep such snacks around the house. You tend to eat something or the other when you get cravings. When nothing is around you, there is no temptation of binge eating.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water helps you feel fuller. Sometimes we are just very thirsty but confuse the thirst with hunger, and end up eating food even though we are actually not hungry.

Avoid these extra calories by drinking plenty of water. Your digestive system also works better when you have more water and this helps in reducing weight as the excess fats get washed away.

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